Jun 1, 2009


As you can see my blog got a new outfit... hope you all like! Thanks to Hope and the link on her blog, I was able to find some super cute backgrounds that were a heck of a lot easier to try on that the ones I had been using. I don't do code. I am not a rocket scientist or computer hacker. Give me no more than "copy, paste". However.... the matter of deciding which background was EXTREMELY difficult. I'm talking I have been up for like 3 hours "trying on" backgrounds. If you don't know this about me, I am the most indecisive person who has ever lived. Ask me to make a decision and you better believe I am gonna pull out the "eeny meeny miny mo" on you.

As you can see I finally made a decision (yay me!) and now I am sitting here pondering how bad it would be to get a snack... it is 12:00... I mean, doesn't pregnancy give you free reign to eat without guilt? If I'm hungry, the baby has to be hungry too, right? I can't very well be the sort of woman who starves her baby. His synapses are forming - he needs nutrition. Ah, on the other hand it has been stressed that pregnant women are NOT eating for two and should only gain 30 pounds throughout the entire pregnancy. Crap, another decision. Ok, faithful eeny meeny miny mo. And the winner is - SNACK! Now what to eat... oh geez, this is too complicated. I wish I could pay someone to make decisions for me. Ok, I'm gonna go grab some low-fat string cheese and pickles and call it a night. Don't laugh. It's quite delectable.

In all other news things are great. Still talking to Jeff daily. Oh that reminds me! I have big news! Adam called Jeff tonight! I wanted him to call and explain his point of view so that maybe the two of them could come to some sort of understanding. After they talked Adam called me and I picked up the phone to "Jessica, I absolutely forbid you to ever talk to that guy again." WHAT??? Then the throws in the "just kidding!" Ugh, not funny. He then proceeded to rave about Jeff. He was like "he seems like a very intelligent super nice guy. I would love for you to go to Nashville and visit him." Ah, I probably didn't share that I had called off the trip when Adam and I got into a big fight about it. Now he is begging me to go. Strange, but I'm not going to argue! Jeff and I have discovered we are both 80's movie finatics so I am totally pumped to hang out and watch The Breakfast club over some Doritos and ranch dip. As a little sister I feel it my responsibility to share the glorious-ness of this snack. If you have never tried nacho cheese Doritos with ranch dip you haven't lived. It's my total fav. Not the store bought ranch though. You have to buy the Hidden Valley ranch dip mix and make it yourself.

Anyway, things seem to be falling into place. If only Adam didn't have to leave... things would be perfect. I am miserable without him. You just don't even know. You get so used to having someone next to you that when they aren't there you feel empty. I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping. It helps having Abby in the bed. She sleeps with me everynight - right next to my face usually. Its kinda cute. While I love a white poof ball hindering my oxygen intake, it would be nice to have my husband there. Abby doesn't do quite the same job of holding me when I feel crappy or cuddling next to me when I get cold. I miss him so much....

On a lighter note I do get to see him in a few days!!! They get the night of June 8th off and then June 9th is family day, and then we head to Madison to spend 4 days together. He has to be back on Saturday the 13th at 8pm. The day before our 1 year anniversary. But its ok. We already gave the top of our wedding cake to his parents so they could keep it for us to eat that day that he leaves. It will be hard but somehow I will find the strength to get through it. I have to - for his family and for the baby. I've read stress can be extremely detrimental for a baby in the womb. I just have to trust in God that he will bring him back to me safely.

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Kevin and Hope said...

Love the new background! It's beautiful. And also, I'm praying for you and for Adam. I have faith that he will make it back safely. :)


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