May 30, 2009

Life Will Never Be The Same

So after my last post I bet most of you are anxious to hear how things went today...
Today was the day I got to meet my older brother for the first time. Of course I was barely able to sleep last night because I was so excited. I have gone my whole life without a sibling and now, magically, I have one. I asked my bro and he is fine with me sharing all about him so here goes!!!

His name is Jeff (not Joe) and he is 32. He lives in Nashville and works as a graphic designer for Gibson guitars. (Side note: how ironic is this, he got his masters in landscape architecture... yes, that is Adam's major) So in addition to that, he is also an amazing multi media artist and shows and sells his work. You can check him out on Cumberland Gallery's website. (Yes, I am a super proud younger sister! This is one of his pieces.)

Well this whole ordeal happened because he was visiting a friend in Huntsville this weekend which is only an hour from Florence. When I found this out we immediately made plans to meet up for lunch and get to know each other. I was soooo nervous on the drive down!!! As some of you know, I tend to be shy when I first meet people so I was scared that I wouldn't have anything to say. Thankfully, Jeff really likes to talk! (If he's reading this I want to stress that I mean that in a nice way!! haha) We had an awesome time talking and talking and talking. Our poor waitress had to come to our table 5 times to ask if we were ready to order.

After lunch I showed him some pictures I had brought of the wedding and old pictures of my dad and me. He kinda got a quick glimpse of my life over the past 25 years. I don't know if he enjoyed it, but I had a great time telling him all about my life and sharing who everyone was. However bored he might have been, he was very gracious and acted excited. What a sweetheart!

I have to say that this has been the most amazing experience I have ever had. (Well, next to seeing mine and Adam's little bundle of joy move for the first time!) I just can't believe that I have an older brother. I am also happy to report that while not knowing each other for 25 years, we have some things in common which was totally cool. I'm sure we'll find out much more as we get to know each other! I am actually going to visit him in Nashville on Thursday and staying until Saturday morning. He's going to show me where he works, introduce me to friends, the whole bit. I'm so happy he wants to (as he says) show off his little sister. It pains me that we missed out on so much time together, but I can tell that we are going to be building a great relationship now! I am so incredibly happy right now. I wish to God Adam could be here to meet him though. He is having a hard time with it. He feels his job as a husband is to protect me so when he heard that some guy I facebooked is my long lost brother he got concerned. He also expressed his worry when I told him I was meeting this stranger an hour away by myself. I am really trying to understand where he is coming from but its so hard. I now have an incredible thing happening in my life and he can't even feel excited. He says that he's trying, but that its a lot tougher when he can't meet him. I'm trying to deal with being torn between these two men right now. I have my amazing brother who wants to build a relationship with me and my husband who is trying to protect me. Like I said, its hard, but I know Adam will come around once he meets Jeff. We all know how outgoing and friendly Adam is and I don't think he has an enemy in the world. He probably just needs that opportunity to feel included and safe about it all. We'll see what happens I guess.

For the time being I am on cloud nine. I adore Jeff and I can't wait to see what the future has in store!

As for baby, I'm still feeling nauseous everyday. I am 12 weeks now so maybe it will start to diminish soon!!! I'm having a great time recording things in my belly book and so glad I got to write to Baby Martin about his new uncle Jeff!


Kevin and Hope said...

That is such an awesome story! I am so happy for you!!! :)

LT (and Max) said...

oh my gosh! what an amazing story! that's great jessica!!


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