May 30, 2012

Who Got The Pooch?

Yup - throwing it back oldschool. Anyone remember rocking out to "Who Got the Hooch?" back in the day? This girl does.

Only now there aint no hooch - this momma got the pooch. Yes, its that glorious time in a woman's pregnancy when the beer gut develops. Its too soon for a stranger to realize you're pregnant. You just look...well... fat.

I've heard you start showing sooner with the second, but I was thinking I still had a few more weeks before I officially looked fat. Oh no. I started showing with MC at about 10 weeks, but it seems as though with Bean the magical time period is 8 and a half weeks. Woke up this morning and couldn't button my shorts. Sigh.

I think I took it pretty well though. I just broke out the Belly Band and rolled with it. I said, "You know what? I'm gonna rock that gut". And that's just what I did. I also may or may not be singing the song in my head constantly and altering the lyrics to make them baby bump appropriate ;)

May 29, 2012


6 Weeks
7 Weeks
8 Weeks
Due Date: January 5, 2013
How Far Along: 8 weeks
Total Weight Gained: We found out we were pregnant at about 4 weeks and I weighed 115. When I went to the doctor at 5 weeks 5 days I weighed 116 - I like to attribute that pound to being clothed. We are now 8 weeks and since I am staying with my parents who don't believe in scales, I will just happily assume I still weigh the same - ha.

Maternity Clothes: Not for a while I hope!
Sleep: I have been sleeping in the same bed as my 2 year old for over 2 weeks so lets not go there
Best Moment of the Week: Seeing the sweet hubs on Skype is always the highlight of my day
Food Cravings: Chinese - I won't even comment on the humor of this given my husband is in China 
Food Aversions: Surprsingly none :)
Belly button/stretch marks: Do ones retained on my hips and boobs from last time count?

Symptoms: SORE BOOBS! My goodness does that suck. I'll occassionally get nauseous and tired but that's about it!
Adam's pregnancy symptoms:  I think at the moment he's experiencing a Chinese food aversion

Movement: Can't wait for this!
Gender: I'm guessing boy, but that's what I thought the first time too. So basically I suck at guessing and am not even going to try.
What I miss: my husband :(
Milestones: The pooch is developing. There will no longer be swimsuit photos posted on Facebook - not that there were a great deal of them before, but you get my point

May 28, 2012

"How ya feelin'?"

Its the inevitable question when people know you are somewhat pregnant - "how are you feeling?". Considering MC's uterus time was completely documented on my blog, of course I feel Bean should have the same experience of having his/her life completely exposed for complete strangers.

When asked the "how are you feeling question" 3 years and some months ago my response would be a little different than it is now. Then it consisted of something along the lines of "Well, my husband is in a war zone in another country, I am praying to throw up since I am nauseous all day every day, I have already switched doctor's 3 times and I am living with my parents.... take a guess how I'm feeling." Response now? Totally different. Oh. Wait. Husband in another country? Check. Living with parents? Check. Ok. I guess its only slightly different.

Symptoms are DEFINITELY different this time around though. Last time I was sooooo nauseous. Never got sick - only FELT sick. Not sure which is worse. I also "felt" pregnant. Not sure of the reason for this. I also had HORRIBLE cramping. The school I was working at even called the ambulance one day because it got so bad we all thought something was seriously wrong. Turned out everything was fine. Little did I know what intense pain was... ha.

This pregnancy I started with intense lower back pain. Never had that with MC. I'm also about to get real with this next one folks. Sore boobs. Bad. What makes it even better is the fact that my two year old has now become fascinated with them and insists on touching them in the most appropriate places - like church. Of course I promptly swatted her hand away and attempted to explain in my "mad whisper voice" that that was not ok. This only perpetuated her attempts to rub her hands all over them which was completely awesome. Perhaps she's taken notice of their increased size. Whatever the reason it better stop. Like, now.

Besides the occasional nausea after taking my vitamin and the boob issues, I would never believe I was pregnant. I feel.... well... fine. Odd. Happily odd.

The extreme differences in this pregnancy (so far) and the last makes me feel our little Bean is probably going to be a boy. That stresses me out. I would have no.friggin'. clue. what to do with a boy. Not to mention the fact that the child would also have to remain naked or be completely "gender confused" considering we are poor and the only baby clothes I own are pink and covered with flowers. That stresses me out too. I guess only time will tell.

Stay tuned!

May 13, 2012


As I recently mentioned on facebook, it wouldn't be a proper Martin pregnancy if Adam weren't out of the country for a portion of it....

Despite the hubs absence, we are THRILLED to meet our newest little blessing - Bean. When we found out we were pregnant and were discussing that first ultrasound I asked him if he remembered how MC looked like a little lima bean. We talked about how we were so excited to see our second little bean. The name stuck. (Don't fear - just a nickname.... "the baby" is just too overused)

I suppose whenever anyone gets pregnant you like to hear the back story. Well, not the WHOLE story. I think we're all past the point of "the talk". We just like the thrill of knowing "was it planned?", "how long have you been trying?", etc. Well, I'll be blunt. It wasn't planned. We weren't trying. Adam will probably shoot me for sharing our ENTIRE lives with the world, but we practice natural family planning. I think its important to share that because so many people push that option aside when it comes to the "contraceptive" discussion. You're probably laughing right now because we are now pregnant. Well, we knew it wasn't the so-called "right time" if we wanted to wait before having another child, but we said "if it happens it happens and God knows what's best for us." I guess God thought it was time for Bean! That, or the fact that I am "Fertile Myrtle" as my mother jokes (On a side note, my grandmother was the proud mom to 12 children. Fertile Myrtle was an obvious choice for a nickname which is where my mother's comment stemmed from).

Knowing we played Russian roulette that month, I was aware that pregnancy was possible. When I started getting horrible lower back pain I immediately googled "low back pain in early pregnancy". Bingo. CVS run and stick peed on in all of 10 minutes........... "Not Pregnant". Ok, well that's good. Adam We wanted to wait a little longer so that's fine. Then over the next few days I noticed how INCREDIBLY tired I was getting. Not completely out of the norm considering I stay home with a 2 year old. Then, one day, I felt nauseous. Cue pee stick number 2.


Oh boy. Adam had spent the last week staying up until 4 am preparing for the final presentation he was about to give in one of his classes. As I heard the shower running, I knew I couldn't tell him. He had worked so hard on this and I knew if I told him we were pregnant right before it he would have nothing on his mind except baby. Not good when you have to discuss and defend a design plan. There are no babies drawn into the landscape design of main street.

This is where we ran into a HUGE problem. I can't even wait until Christmas to open presents. I used to check every hiding place in the house, find gifts, open them, and then wrap them back. I'm HORRIBLE with surprises and secrets. This was probably the biggest happy surprise secret in the world and I had to keep locked lips ALL DAY until Adam got home. Well, sort of. I called my best friend. Well, maybe two good friends. That was it...

Then I had to figure out a creative way to tell Adam. The first time around it was a COMPLETE shock and we were COMPLETELY unprepared. I phoned Adam immediately and told him to pick up a pregnancy test on his way home because the one I just took said I was pregnant and its obviously broken. Not the most romantic way to spill the beans.

This time I was going to do it right. I thought having MC involved would be cute so I came up with the idea of her giving him a card sharing the news. On the front it said "to my daddy" and then on the inside it had a huge "I", then a big pink felt heart, then a "U".  I love you. Under the heart it read "...and so will my little brother or sister ;)" Perfect.

I made the card right after Adam left. Then proceeded to look at, open, and read it the entire rest of the day. I would fold laundry then oddly think "ya know, I better check on the card" like it was going to disappear.

7:30 finally rolled around and I got a call from Adam saying he was on his way home. Score. I told MC a little earlier that day we had a surprise to give daddy so when I told her he would be home soon she was all too thrilled to grab his "surprise" and start screaming. Did she have any idea what this surprise was? No. But the kid is all about surprises so I just went with it.

I also knew I had to get Adam's reaction captured. He's very animated, much as I am, so I knew his reaction would be priceless. I set up the video camera and when I heard him fidgeting with the lock on the front door, I clicked it on.

MC ran to him screaming about his surprise and, after being prompted to raise the heart, proceeded to say "no you're not" for a full 2 minutes. I showed him the tests and although he wanted to disagree with the entirely too faint second pink line, the digital "pregnant" read out made it pretty clear.

We were overjoyed and couldn't wait to tell everyone. We knew it was bad luck to share immediately (as most people wait a good 12 weeks), but with Adam leaving for China soon we decided to tell our parents right after the ultrasound.

We asked them each for a Skype date and told them MC had drawn them a picture she wanted to show them. As she held up her Dora Magna Doodle, they didn't find a drawing. Only the words "I'm going to be a big sister". They were all stunned. Success ;)

We are both so overjoyed to be granted this huge blessing. We have no jobs, at the end of June we have no home, and right now Adam's in China, but we'll make it work. God has never steered us wrong before and I know he won't now. I imagine the next few months will bring an intense amount of stress and anxiety, but it makes for juicy blogs so congrats readers...

Hope you stick with us and enjoy another tale of pregnancy highs and lows. Guess we'll now see what happens when baby makes 4!!!

Mother's Day

Dear Mommy,

Happy Mother's Day! This uterus of yours is pretty cozy, but I sure can't wait to meet you on January 5th. Hope you have a great day!

Love, Baby "Bean" Martin


May 6, 2012

Farm Livin' Is The Life For Me

Being true urbanites, we decided to take a break from city life and head to the country last Thursday. Well, I suppose it wasn't the "country", but it was a farm. Close enough. 

We headed off to Hall Family Farm with some playgroup friends to pick strawberries. I'm not sure if it was a flood of memories of me picking fresh veggies with my parents or seeing my two year old's chin and shirt completely covered in strawberry juice, but it was magical. 

MC had a blast. We had a competition to see who could find the biggest strawberry of the day. MC lost. Bad. The smaller the better in her opinion. She said they were so cute and insisted on hugging most of them before turning them into daddy to put in the box. She also insisted on, um, testing the strawberries every 2 feet or so. By the time we were ready to go she could've passed for a small zombie child - complete with a "blood" soaked chin eerily dripping down the front of her shirt. Being the "Walking Dead" fan he is Adam immediately took the opportunity to try to teach her to make zombie sounds. She wasn't interested. 

All in all it was a great day and hopefully we can all the chance to go back soon!


 Big Cheesin'

Total diva - love the pose

Yum Yum!

I think we are all kids at heart ;)

Here chicky chicky chicky


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