Dec 21, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Dec 14, 2011

Old Rubbermaid

Before I begin, don't even act like none of you have done it. I am pretty sure we all have. They market the stuff in containers as if to say "you know we created this precisely for that use. Go on... do it" Ok pervs, you can now leave the blog because, NO, I am not talking dirty here. I'm talking tupperware.

My sweet Adam takes his lunch to school everyday (granted his OCD money saving wife insists upon it and he's secretly scared for his life - but that's not the point) Now, we all know that when a man takes ANYTHING from the home the odds of it returning are slim to none. Somehow once items leave the "universe" that is the house, they disappear into the "blackhole" that is the workplace. With that being said, I can't replace tupperware every week. I refuse. ESPECIALLY when certain deli companies insist on giving you free tupperware with the purchase of their delectable sliced meat. So nice.

Now, onto the story. In addition to Adam being an amazing husband, he also keeps me highly entertained (this is pretty obvious since he is the muse for a great many of my blog posts). The other night we made some Nutella cookies and were looking for tupperware to put them in. Adam pulled down the stack of containers and proceeded to hand me a few. We all know how trying it is to match the tupperware with the appropriate lid, especially when your tupperware consists of mix and match deli meat containers. After handing me my set, we attempted to coordinate lids....

Jess- "Babe, I need a lid for mine."
Adam "Which one?"
J - (turning over the container to look at the brand on the bottom) "Hm, I've got one Hillshire and one Ziploc"
A - (grabbing the stack of lids and passing them like cards) "OK, I've got one Hillshire and one Ziploc........ ".
J- laughing "I'll raise you one Glad..."
A - (slightly perturbed and embarrassed) "Jess, I feel like we're playing cards or something. What's that game where you ask other people for cards to get matches or something? Old Maid? Its like.......... Old Rubbermaid. "

I love this man. Definitely keeps me laughing. And I love that I'm so cheap we get to play Old Rubbermaid every time we search for tupperware :) Happy Wednesday!


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