Nov 29, 2009

Big Day!

Today is the day! (Well, I guess TECHINICALLY its tomorrow) We go to the hospital at midnight tonight. I can't believe we are about to meet Maggie Claire and become parents! Having Adam here has been the most amazing blessing! I am so thankful he will be there to experience all of this! Just wanted to update everyone - hopefully sometime tomorrow we will have a healthy baby girl!! When I get home and things settle down I will post pics!

Nov 25, 2009

All Is Well

Quick update... Adam made it in safely! Of course I bawled my eyes out upon seeing him (but didn't go into labor!!haha). Other people at the airport must've noticed his camo bag (since he wasn't in uniform) and figured out the situation and also started crying. It was really touching. Anyway, we are both doing well!!! He hasn't been able to take his hands off the belly since he's been here which is fine with me!!! We are just enjoying being around each other and looking forward to meeting Maggie Claire!

Away We Go!

So I am just a few hours from picking up Adam at the airport. I can barely keep it together. As I have already mentioned thousands of times, I just cannot believe how God has blessed us!!! I NEVER imagined things to work out so well for us and our situation with Maggie Claire!!! I do have one fear though....

Yesterday I was having A LOT of contractions and pressure. I guess it was from all the excitement of the day! I am seriously hoping I can #1-make it to the airport without going into labor, and #2- make it out of the airport without going into labor! The last thing I want is for my water to break when I see Adam walk through the gate! What a nice homecoming - "Oh honey I'm so glad to see... oh wait, hold that thought, we gotta go to the hospital." Poor Adam needs a little time to rest before rushing all over the place and welcoming a new baby! Anyway, God has seen us through this far, I just pray he continues to watch over us and keeps Maggie Claire nice and cozy for at least one more day!

I tell you what, I don't think Thanksgiving has ever meant so much to me. Yes, we all have things to be thankful for, but my gifts this year are waaaaay beyond anything I could have imagined. "Thankful" doesn't even begin to cover it. I hope that through this blog at least one person has realized God's greatness. I know it can be so difficult to see Him working in our own lives, so I hope you have seen Him working in mine. Had I never come to build such a relationship with Him though, I don't know if things would've worked out so well for me. Only when I began to truly trust in Him and turn my worries over, did amazing things start to happen. I beg all of you to keep your faith and know that God will take care of you - just look at us!!!! An impossible situation has turned out more perfectly than I ever could've fathomed!

I'll try to keep the updates coming, as I said earlier! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Nov 24, 2009

Beep Beep!

So this morning about 1:45am I thought I heard my phone beep with a text message. I was in and out of sleep so I wasn't sure if I heard correctly so I just rolled over and ignored it. Well, later when I got up (about 5:30) I was checking my email and saw the most amazing thing - a message from Adam saying he was on his way HOME!!!!!!!!!! He wasn't supposed to leave until tomorrow, but plans changed and now he is on his way!!!!!! I just can't believe it! I am so excited I could just burst!!!! I guess I won't be blogging for a while since every waking moment will be spent with him when he gets here (I'm not even joking people... I am not going to let that man out of my sight the whole time he is here! He will be sick of me after his two weeks are up!!) God is soooooooooo amazing and I don't know how in the world I have been so blessed!!! Please continue to pray for Adam's safe arrival and I'll try to keep short updates coming!!!

Nov 23, 2009

Miss Maggie Has A Birthday!!!

Well, I just got home from the doctor with WONDERFUL news!!! We are 70% thinned and 1cm dialated! The best part? We have scheduled our induction!!! YAY!!! I go into the hospital Sunday night so hopefully by Monday we will have a baby!!!! I just had to update all of you! I will post more throughout the week I'm sure!! I cant hardly contain the excitement!!!

Almost There!!!

38 weeks!!! Woo hoo!!! As I mentioned earlier, I'm hoping that this time next week we are holding our new little girl!! I was so stressed about my doctor's appointment today I don't think I slept a wink (well, not that that is anything new..) I kept having this nightmare that he said he would not induce for any reason and we'd just have to wait until she decided to come and Adam never got to meet her! It was horrible. Anyway, just keeping my fingers crossed he WON'T say that today!!! I'll be sure to post after the appointment, good news or bad!

Nov 22, 2009

A New Life Starts Next Week

Well, here we are. Closing in on the long road that has led to a beautiful little baby girl. I really can't believe that this time next week Adam and I could be together holding Maggie Claire. Its unreal.

Sometimes I really don't know if I can contain all the excitement I am feeling right now. One of our dear friends, Jordan, who graciously reads my blog commented that he remembered how he felt the night before Christmas. He was right when he said its probably nothing compared to how I feel right now. There aren't even words. Having a new baby is momentous enough, but having a baby at the same time that my husband (who I havent seen in six months!) will be coming home is just too much to take in. It's like all of God's glorious gifts and blessings are being thrown at me at one time, and the goodness is almost enough to make my heart explode.

Adam will be getting into town by the end of this week... hopefully Friday, but maybe Saturday. Then, the plan is for us to induce that Monday. Now, I realize that with a baby you can't plan ANYTHING, but I should know more after my doctor's appointment tomorrow. I am just praying that even if I haven't thinned or dialated we can still go ahead and induce on Monday as we originally planned. Adam is only here for two weeks and I want him to be able to spend as much time as possible with Maggie Claire. The more days we wait for her to come, the less days he gets to be around her. I'm feeling confident that she is waiting on daddy to come though. In the beginning I just had this feeling that she was going to come early and Adam wouldn't be here. However, now that we are approaching his arrival, I think she is hanging in there for him. She just has to stay put another 7 days or so and he will be here to experience all the joy (and screaming) of seeing his first child being born. Wow, what an amazing gift.

Now the downside to all this... I have a whole week to sit and think about Adam's and MC's arrival! Ah! Saturday was my last day of work, so now I have an entire week of doing nothing and I pray the days don't drag out!!! Don't get me wrong, I am greatly looking forward to having some time to myself to rest and relax before my whole life is turned upside down. However, I worry that it will make for some long, anxious days. I wonder what the record is for the number of hours on facebook? Or the record number of blog posts for a day? I might very well be a new record holder by the end of the week...

Well, keep us in your prayers as I head to the doctor tomorrow. Pray we can still induce on the 30th, even if we haven't done anything, so that Adam and MC can have all the bonding time possible!!! And, as Thanksgiving approaches, I want to give a special thanks to all of you who read this blog. I never imagined I would have more than one or two people even glancing at it, but all of your comments, prayers, and encouraging words have done wonders to help me make it through these past few months!! Thanks to all of you guys and I hope you keep reading as baby really does make three!!!

Nov 20, 2009

Seriously, Some People Are Crazy

Well I have to say that today was a very interesting day. I work all day Wednesdays and Thursdays so I was looking forward to some much needed R&R before I head to work tomorrow. I rolled out of bed (literally) around 7:45 and took it nice and slow enjoying my breakfast, checking facebook - the usual. Adam got online a little later and I got to have a nice long chat with him which was great considering his work schedule changed and we haven't been able to talk much lately. So after my shower I headed to Wal-Mart with mom to get some much needed groceries to prepare for Adam and the in -laws arrival next week (SOOO exciting!). Can I just say, I literally saw myself as Natalie Portman in "Where the Heart Is"? (AKA, the lady who has her baby in Wal-Mart). I mean I am 38 weeks now and Maggie Claire has dropped into position. Walking through that store, I literally felt like she was going to fall out on the floor right in the middle of the Wheat Thins and Keebler cookies. It was miserable. However, there was a VERY hilarious woman who brightened my day. Picture this if you will....

I go into the restroom as soon as we walk into Wal-Mart (yes, this is nothing unusual). As I walk in, mind set on task at hand, I pass an older African American woman wearing the quintessential "I'm-elderly-but-want-to-look-cool" outfit... aka- outdated leopard print blouse and black pants. I even think I remember her sporting a black hat of some sort... Anyway, to add to the hilarity of the situation, this poor woman has bright coral lipstick covering not only her lips, but the entire outside of her lips as well (think little girl playing dress up for the first time...) Now, all of this is perfectly normal considering I am in Florence, AL in a Wal-Mart restroom. Then, it turns interesting. As my eyes now focus on the empty stall that lay before me, I rush past the woman only to be caught completely off guard by the following statement "Yous having a boy aint ya?". Excuse me? I swung around to face the lipstick lady and responded "oh, no ma'm. We're having a girl." The following short conversation ensued:

lady " Oh ok. Yous holding a lot of water ain ya?"

me (completely taken aback by the statement) "umm, yeah I guess so" I took her comment to mean I looked a little "fluffy"... nice....

lady "my little neice just had a baby. She had a boy..."

It trails at this point because however rude it might have been, after the "retaining water" statment I smiled and went into the stall. She still kept talking but drowned out after the flush. I guess she got the point and headed off to harass some other person. Seriously. She did. I walked out to find mom only to pass my bathroom buddy chatting it up with some Wal-Mart employee who looked equally as confused and desperate as I probably had in the restroom.

Well, while I did expect MC to make her way into the world in the middle of aisle 5, she hung in there and we headed back home. We had to rush to get things out of the car because I had bought tickets to see New Moon, and time was getting close. I knew mom hadn't been sucked in to the Twilight drama, so I bought her a ticket to see Blind Side while I watched Edward and Jacob battle it out for Bella. Her movie started about 40 minutes before mine so we had to get there early. I'll tell ya what - I'm glad we did!!! Holy crap! The line to get into the movie was already out the door when I got there! Needless to say, I wasn't too thrilled about standing there with psycho teeny boppers for God knows how long, but I made it. Perfect scenario? The kind people in line let the pregnant woman scoot to the front. Did it happen? Of course not. Oh well. It wasn't nearly as bad as the little teenage dirt bag working the ticket taking post...

Yes, I know the movie workers are all stressed out right now. Its a big crowd and I'm sure it gets crazy. However, don't give me lip. I am pregnant and not in the mood for your crap. Let me explain. After waiting forever in line to even get into the theatre, I had to find a seat. I was lucky to get a good one, although it wasn't on the end. This is a problem when you have to go to the restroom every 20 minutes. Anyway, I went right before the movie started thinking I would be able to make it. Yeah... didn't happen. So I have to crawl through the people on my row AGAIN, waddle down the stairs AGAIN, and make it to the restroom outside. These first two trips happened without incident. Then, on lucky trip number three, I come out of the restroom and walk by the "I-only-wish-I-had-facial-hair" guy. He stops me and says "uh, I need to see your stub to let you back in." Are you kidding me? Did you really not remember the fat pregnant woman who has come in and out of the theatre twice already? I mean, I'm kinda hard to miss. I said "well, um I don't have it. I left my purse inside." He then responds "Oh, well you'll need to go back and get it." I (getting slightly irritated) then said "you want me to go inside, get the stub, and come back out??" Let's think about this rationally. It was a freaking act of congress for my fat butt to even make it out of my seat... now you want me to go back inside, do it all again, show you my stupid piece of paper, then go back inside and do it YET AGAIN?! I wanted to slap the guy. He must've picked up on the frustration in my last question and finally said "oh forget it. Just go in". You're damn right I will! I mean crap, who tries to sneek into a movie being shown right in front of the ticket post with only about 20 minutes left in the whole movie??? Ugh.

Well, good thing is, Maggie Claire stayed put long enough for me to see the movie. Every since I found out I was pregant, I have been telling her she has to stay in there long enough for me to make it to New Moon. Good girl. Sad part is, I was disappointed! Am I the only one? I just wasn't impressed. Granted, I did think Kristen looked way better in this film than the last one, but I guess the movie just didn't stack up to the book for me. I thought the first one was way better. Sad. Maybe Eclipse will be great and make up for it. Thoughts?

Got to get up early for work tomorrow so I need to get to bed. Hope everyone has a happy Saturday!!

Nov 19, 2009

Are We Done Yet?

I feel like a little kid in the back of the car on a family roadtrip. Except my line isn't "are we there yet?", its "are we done yet?". These past few weeks have seriously been the worst of the whole pregnancy. Forget the constant nausea I had the first three months - I think this is worse. Add together: the anticipation of meeting our new one, constant backaches, endless trips to the restroom, being generally uncomfortable all day every day, no sleep (as attributed to all of the above mentioned) and crazy pelvic pressure... what do you get? That's right - miserable. Everytime I even bend over I feel like little MC is going to fall out on the floor. Granted, I know thats not really going to happen (wouldn't it be cool if thats all it took to get a baby out though?!) but it still feels that way. I also have no one to complain to!!! Adam isn't here so when we do talk, I don't want to bother him with all my aches and pains. I mean, the man is in Iraq without any comforts at ALL! I can't complain about carrying our precious child! So that leaves you, blog readers, to be the recipients of my vented frustrations! Aren't you lucky?!

I try to keep in mind that we are right there are the end of this incredible journey, but the days really do seem to drag on and on now. I feel like I am in the movie Groundhog's Day or something. Each day comes, but low and behold it is only a repeat of the day before and I am not getting anywhere! I could really use one of these right now

Speaking of.... have you guys heard of Fre? Its non-alcoholic wine! No, I'm not talking about grape juice. Its really wine, made my the manufacturers of Sutter Home. Somehow the have figured out how to remove the alcohol, but keep the flavor intact. They have different classic flavors (white, merlot, white zinfandel) that are supposed to taste like the real deal, but don't have the alcohol. Amazing huh? I bought a bottle in hopes that pretending to drink might do the trick to solve my pregnancy woes, but I have been too afraid to try it! Im sure since it doesn't have alcohol its fine for pregnant women, but I totally chickened out anyway. I mean, what if it isnt pasturized or something? Maybe I should call the doc and see if its ok...

Well, hope everyone has a great rest of the week! The weekend is almost here (well for most of you! I, however, get to work Saturday. It will be my last day at work though!). I am ready for a week of total laziness and relaxation next week!

Nov 17, 2009

Hanging Tough

Well, the doctor checked me yesterday and we still aren't dialated! I have to admit that when he came in I said "ok doc, you better tell me this baby has done something cause I don't know if I can do this anymore - I want her OUT!" However, being the good daughter she is, she is waiting on daddy to get home I think :) I go back again next Monday and if I haven't dialated at all I am going to see what our options are. Adam is supposed to be here by the end of next week and we were planning on inducing on November 30th. If I haven't dialated by then, I don't know if he will still go ahead and induce, or if he will want us to wait. I hope we can go ahead and induce because I want Adam to have as much time as possible with MC. (The perfect scenario as it plays out in my mind? For Adam to make it home on Friday the 27th, and for me to just go into labor on Saturday night. How perfect would that be? haha. Well, its all up to Miss Maggie so we'll see what she decides! Hopefully I won't get too excited when we pick Adam up at the airport and go into labor!)

Things are going well though. I am completely miserable (as stated over a thousand times), but hanging in there. Ready to meet this little one! Please pray for Adam's safe return home next week!!!!

Nov 16, 2009

Yeah, 18 days, wow....

If you have ever been pregnant I'm sure you feel my absolute shock when I say that we have 18 days until our due date. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? That is insane! On one hand it does feel like I've been pregnant forever, but on the other, these past few weeks have FLOWN by. Everytime I get mom to do my weekly belly picture I say "wow, didn't we just do this?". Anyway, I've got my weekly appointment today so we'll see if we've made any progress. I am 37 weeks now, but still hoping she is hanging out for Adam. I do have to share a little secret though....while I do tell her and pray everyday that she waits for Adam, in the back of my mind it wouldn't hurt my feelings if she came right now! I am just so uncomfortable and ready for this baby to come out!!! I have to take it day by day or otherwise I don't know if I could make it. I know it will all be worth it in the end, but I suppose thats difficlut to realize when you have to roll to get up and feel like you're carrying a bowling ball between your legs.

So last night I had a major reminiscing fest. As I'm sure I've mentioned multiple times, I do not sleep at night. So instead of getting in bed and just laying there as I usually do, I decided to bust out the video camera and watch some home movies (We've had this camera for like 2 years and still haven't transfered all the video to the computer!) Anyway, I watched the surprise deployment party I threw for Adam, some clips from our trip to Chicago, hanging out with friends at our house, and Christmas at his parents, my parents, and on the coast. I don't think the smile left my face for the whole 2 hours I was absorbed at the computer. It was amazing to remember how life was when Adam was here. How happy we were. And, sadly, how much we took it for granted. We were so carefree and had no idea how perfect everything was. While I do still think we are extremely blessed, that point in our lives was truly amazing. I hope that this separation allows Adam and I to never take our time together for granted again! I love him and miss him so much and I can't believe he will be home in less than 2 weeks!!!!!

Before I head off to start the day, I have to share the cutest thing. My aunt told me about this little conversation yesterday and I couldn't stop laughing. Little kids' minds are just amazing. So at the family Thanksgiving while Emily was looking at my belly she told my aunt Lisa that she wanted to take out Maggie Claire and play with her. Lisa said "well we can't do that because we want Adam to be here before she comes." To this the brilliant Emily replied "Well, can't we just take her out and play with her and then put her back before he gets home?" hahaha. So adorable. I must admit that I am right there with Emily in her line of thinking though - I wish I could take MC out, hold her and snuggle her (and get some much needed pregnancy relief!), and then just put her back before Adam comes home. Oh well, once again, it will all be worth it when that precious little girl gets here!!! Hope everyone has a great week and I'll post an update after my doctor's appointment! :)

Nov 14, 2009

Food and Thanks

Well our little family Thanksgiving went super well! Jeff and his friend came which was AWESOME - although I'm sure he was a bit overwhelmed with our usual 50 person crew! However, he did survive, so go Jeff! haha. Everyone had a fun night discussing the growing belly and asking me if I was really pregnant or just had a huge basketball stuffed in my shirt...

While everyone enjoyed the belly, I'm not sure it was enjoyed by anyone as much as my sweet Lauren! I think she sat on the couch with me for over an hour just watching and feeling MC move. It was the sweetest thing ever. She would talk to her, put her cheek to my belly, put her hand on it, and get down real close and watch it. She is so precious. At one point I had Lauren, her sister Emily, and my other cousin Kailey all with their hands on my belly watching her. I wanted to tear up it was so beautiful and sweet. Oh, Jeff also got to feel her move! He was saying he had never felt a baby kick before so I said "give me that hand!" haha.

Sweet Lauren giving MC some love!

Getting excited talking about MC

Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! Another doctor's appointment Monday so we'll see how things are going then! I've had about 5 different people tell me that they have had dreams or just think that she's coming any day now... we'll see!

Nov 10, 2009

Why Do They Say "9 months" When Its Really Ten???

Hello blog readers! Well, yesterday was my weekly doctor's appointment and.... nothing to report! I know I should be jumping up and down screaming from the excitement, but in the back of my mind I can't help but think "this baby is never going to come out..." I am in quite a predicament here. On one hand I want Adam to here to experience the joy and excitement of the birth of our first child, but on the other hand I selfishly want her OUT! haha. I mean seriously, three more weeks of this??? I can barely function right now I am so uncomfortable and tired (as mentioned a hundred and one times so far) , and I can't imagine it only getting worse. Yes, I do tell her to stay put and wait for daddy - but one percent or so of me might be subconsciously wishing for an early debut! I mean, why do they even associate pregnancy with 9 months in the first place? Unless I am totally ignorant (which might very well be the case!), 40 weeks is 10 months of pregnancy! I am currently 36 weeks. There are roughly 4 weeks in a month. 36 divided by 4 is nine. I am nine months pregnant? Seems like it to me. So when you suprpass the 36 week mark you are 9 months and however many weeks pregnant, right? I think its all a farse to trick women. You think, "oh sure, I can do 9 months...", then BAM! Nope, you still have a WHOLE OTHER MONTH!

Anyway, I am also bummed that the doctor isn't going to do any more ultrasounds. I have at least one person a day asking how much she weighs and I just have to say "I have no idea". I mean I would kinda like to know myself. Let's face it - I am not a super big person and I would like to know if I am carrying a 9 pound baby or something. Not that it matters, I know she has to come out not matter what, but I think being able to mentally prepare for that would be helpful. I would also like to know what position she's in and I thought they would too. However, when I asked my doctor about all this he said "Well, she feels like a normal size baby. I don't think you are carrying a super large 9 pound baby by anymeans - I am guessing between 7 and 8 pounds when she delivers. As far as the position, I am almost sure she is head down. I would be very surprised if that was her butt I was feeling during the exam and not her head." I guess he's done this long enough to know what he's talking about, so I'm gonna have to trust him. We'll see how much Maggie Claire weighs when she arrives! I have to disagree with the doctor though, I am not sure she'll weigh that much. I'm thinking barely over 7 pounds at the most. Guesses anyone?

And lastly, here is the 36 week belly. I feel so horrible that most of my belly pictures are me in my MSU athletic shorts. Yes, I do own other shorts, but sadly only one or two of them still fit. The elastic in those MSU shorts is just soooo awesome and stretchy. Doesn't get tight or put a lot of pressure on my stomach which is why I choose to wear them all the time. I told my friend I was going to contact the manufacturer and thank them...

Well, only a few more weeks to go! Hopefully things will continue to go well and Maggie will come into this world a healthy baby! Also, please pray that I can contain my excitment and control myself until Adam gets home!!! I know these next few weeks I am going to be soooo anxious waiting on him to get here!!! Happy Tuesday!!

Nov 8, 2009

Master Plan

Adam and I have always thought we were made for each other. That even before both of us were born, God knew that he was going to put us together. It was all part of His plan. Well, we got to talking about this again last night. How we each felt that our spiritual faith has grown because of each other. I wasn't in the best place when I met Adam. I had come out of a really really bad relationship and while I thought I wanted to try again, I really didn't want anything serious. I didn't have a close relationship with God due to all that was going on in my life. I was very angry and did a lot of questioning. Well, with that being said, Adam was telling me last night that that was one of the things that drew him to me. He saw my troubles and his words last night were "I saw Jesus in you. Not the strong Jesus we typically think of, but more of the Jesus carrying his cross and needing help." Well, then he asked me "What was the guys name who helped Jesus carry the cross?" We both couldn't remember - totally crazy. Anyway, trusty google gave us the answer. Know what his name was? Simon. Know what Adam's name is? Simon. Kinda ironic don't ya think? Here I am as Adam saw me, a struggling Jesus figure, and here he is - Simon - helping to relieve the burden. Of course this led to how great God is and the plan He had for the two of us...

Well, after we finished talking I started thinking about how difficult it is to trust in God at times. We think we have all the answers and when things don't go how we feel they should, we think God has abandoned us. However, we have to realize, its all part of His plan! I feel that every single event that has taken place in our lives has lead us to where we are today for a reason. I started thinking about all of the seemingly pointless events that have completely changed my life and led me to Adam. As I thought of more recent events (like the strange way Kristen and I became roommates and how that led to me meeting Jacob. I will have to post about that one day - its a quite interesting story of God's plan at work.), that led to thinking back further and further until I could go back to the beginning of time. Let me show you what I mean:

My family is Catholic. They have been for as long as anyone can remember. If they had not been Catholic, my parents would not have been Catholic. If they had not been Catholic, I never would've attended a Catholic school. If I had never attended a Catholic school, I never would have met my friend Luciana. If I had never met my friend Luciana, I never would've met Craig. If I had never met Craig, I never would've heard about Mississippi State. If I had never heard about Mississippi State and how great it was, I probably never would've applied there. If I had never applied there I never would've met Kristen. If I had never met Kristen, I never would've met Jacob. If I had never met Jacob, he never would've introduced me to Adam.

Its amazing really. Of course that is the WAAAAY watered down version. There are SO many other things that come into play along with that (if I hadn't of chosen the right people to hang out with in high school I never would've made the good grades I did that allowed me to get out of state tuition waved so I could even afford Mississippi State in the first place, ect. I could go on and on)

Anyway, the point of my rambling? Trust in God. He knows good and well what he is doing. While it may not make a bit of sense to you at the time, it is all part of His plan. If you had told me when I started college that a few years down the road I would be married for a year, become pregnant, have my husband deploy and move back in with my parents, I would say you were nuts. I would've thought, God wouldn't do that to me. I am not strong enough for that. Yet, here I am. I don't understand why things happened the way they did, but I know its for a reason. Somehow all of these events too are going to shape mine and Adam's life and have a profound impact that we can't even yet understand.

I am happy to say that while Adam and I are God's will for one another, I feel he put us together for more reason that just our humanly happiness. I think God put us together so that we could grow closer to Him. And in the end, isn't that what life is all about? Coming closer to and knowing Him. Without Adam I don't know where I would be in my faith. The great thing is, I don't have to think about it. I have him and have grown and learned so much due to his amazing fortitude and spirituality. I admire Adam so much and thank God everyday that he has blessed me far beyond what I feel I would ever deserve! Again, my other point to this rambling is to find that person who does the same thing for you if you haven't already. If you aren't sure about a relationship, think about whether or not they make you strive to be a better person and grow in your relationship with God. For the people who increase our closeness with Him are always part of His plan!

I hope I haven't gotten too deep with this post. Ya know how somedays you just want to jump out of your skin and say "Thank you God!"? It's sad we don't have days like that EVERYDAY, but while it was on my mind I just had to share! Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great day tomorrow! I've got my weekly doctor's appointment so I'll be sure update when I get out!

Nov 3, 2009

One More Month!

The time is almost here! I can't believe we only have about a month until little Maggie Claire is in our arms!!! I think I mentioned that I have been a crazy person the past few weeks, "nesting". However, for now, everything appears to be done. I feel SO much better! Between getting the last minute things we still needed for her, making sure everything was assembled, putting in the car seats, getting everything washed and put away, organizing all of her necessities, and packing the hosptial bag, I am EXHAUSTED! All of this in addition to my daily routines of working, writing thank you notes, running errands, getting together and sending packages for Adam, and doctor's appointments. Poor baby girl isnt even here yet and I already need a break! haha

Another good thing about the time approaching for Maggie? I GET TO SEE MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!! I mean, seriously, does it get any better than that? I get a baby AND my hubby! He is set to leave for his R & R at the end of November. Its taken some guys as many as 5 days to get home, so he should be here by our tentative induction date. However, if things go well, he might be here earlier.

I cannot describe the feelings that have been swirling in my head. It has been approximately 5 months since I have seen Adam (and when he gets here it will have been 6 months). I worry about things being kinda weird when we are together again, but I'm sure thats to be expected. I mean, we will have to sort of get used to each each other all over again. (And sadly, by the time we do, it will be time for him to leave again). I am also worried about sending him back. It was hard enough to let him go the first time. I cant even imagine what it will be like holding two week old Maggie as we watch him get on that plane. Well, I can't focus on that. If I did, I would never fully enjoy our time together and I can tell you I am going to enjoy every SECOND of it!! No thoughts or worries about what is to come. I am going to live in the moment and cherish how lucky I am. Sounding very positive and optimistic aren't I? Yes, its a new kick of mine... haha. Seriously though, I have gone through some major changes since Adam has been away. I feel like a much stronger, capable, independent person. This might be hard to believe considering my posts reflect a worrisome and weak demeanor. Let's face it though - not many people feel the need to post when things are going well. Its therapudic to posts when things are icky. So on those few days when I am feeling down, I turn to my trusty blog and type away all my insecurities. However, on the other days, I remember what I have already made it through and feel capable to handle whatever else might be thrown my way - I just don't post about it! So readers, rest assured that I am doing fine and will try to post more "go me" updates! haha.

Oh, went to the doctor Monday and happy to report that there is nothing to report!! haha. We had a scare last Wednesday with some serious contractions and intense lower back pain, but I guess it was just stress from work that day. Maggie Claire is (at least for now) still holding out for daddy!! Let's keep our fingers crossed it stays that way!! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Nov 1, 2009

Bare the Belly

Well I had a photo shoot today with my neighbor Tabitha. She did an awesome job and it was so much fun! Here are just a few of my favorites!


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