Nov 10, 2009

Why Do They Say "9 months" When Its Really Ten???

Hello blog readers! Well, yesterday was my weekly doctor's appointment and.... nothing to report! I know I should be jumping up and down screaming from the excitement, but in the back of my mind I can't help but think "this baby is never going to come out..." I am in quite a predicament here. On one hand I want Adam to here to experience the joy and excitement of the birth of our first child, but on the other hand I selfishly want her OUT! haha. I mean seriously, three more weeks of this??? I can barely function right now I am so uncomfortable and tired (as mentioned a hundred and one times so far) , and I can't imagine it only getting worse. Yes, I do tell her to stay put and wait for daddy - but one percent or so of me might be subconsciously wishing for an early debut! I mean, why do they even associate pregnancy with 9 months in the first place? Unless I am totally ignorant (which might very well be the case!), 40 weeks is 10 months of pregnancy! I am currently 36 weeks. There are roughly 4 weeks in a month. 36 divided by 4 is nine. I am nine months pregnant? Seems like it to me. So when you suprpass the 36 week mark you are 9 months and however many weeks pregnant, right? I think its all a farse to trick women. You think, "oh sure, I can do 9 months...", then BAM! Nope, you still have a WHOLE OTHER MONTH!

Anyway, I am also bummed that the doctor isn't going to do any more ultrasounds. I have at least one person a day asking how much she weighs and I just have to say "I have no idea". I mean I would kinda like to know myself. Let's face it - I am not a super big person and I would like to know if I am carrying a 9 pound baby or something. Not that it matters, I know she has to come out not matter what, but I think being able to mentally prepare for that would be helpful. I would also like to know what position she's in and I thought they would too. However, when I asked my doctor about all this he said "Well, she feels like a normal size baby. I don't think you are carrying a super large 9 pound baby by anymeans - I am guessing between 7 and 8 pounds when she delivers. As far as the position, I am almost sure she is head down. I would be very surprised if that was her butt I was feeling during the exam and not her head." I guess he's done this long enough to know what he's talking about, so I'm gonna have to trust him. We'll see how much Maggie Claire weighs when she arrives! I have to disagree with the doctor though, I am not sure she'll weigh that much. I'm thinking barely over 7 pounds at the most. Guesses anyone?

And lastly, here is the 36 week belly. I feel so horrible that most of my belly pictures are me in my MSU athletic shorts. Yes, I do own other shorts, but sadly only one or two of them still fit. The elastic in those MSU shorts is just soooo awesome and stretchy. Doesn't get tight or put a lot of pressure on my stomach which is why I choose to wear them all the time. I told my friend I was going to contact the manufacturer and thank them...

Well, only a few more weeks to go! Hopefully things will continue to go well and Maggie will come into this world a healthy baby! Also, please pray that I can contain my excitment and control myself until Adam gets home!!! I know these next few weeks I am going to be soooo anxious waiting on him to get here!!! Happy Tuesday!!


Sir Jackson Peaks said...

I, honestly, can't believe she is almost here. I still feel like it was last week when Adam called me to tell me the news! Unreal.

You really got my mind thinking on the 10 month word problem, so here it is:

40 weeks X 7 days a week = 280 days

280 days / 31 days a month est = 9.03 months!

So there you have it... 9 months!

I can't imagine how you sleep. My oh my, the things we truly take for granted!

All I know is that you BETTER keep blogging post delivery... I can't wait to be reading about "The Adventures of MC" haha.

TheEatons said...

aww your so cute!! I know your sooo ready. SLEEP lots-even when you can't sleep-Lay there & do nothing. With every baby I tell myself oh next time I'm going to rest in my 9th month...haha...and I never do. You look great-your almost there! :) I'm praying for a quick and easy delivery :)


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