Apr 27, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Best. Easter. Ever. Seriously, it was FANTASTIC. When you get married and have children, its really difficult to juggle the traveling so that each set of grandparents gets to see the baby on each holiday (because let's face it, when you have a child its never about seeing YOU anymore. The totem pole is drastically altered and you are now way down on the bottom with the crazy aunt) Which is fine. I get it. I can openly accept and agree with the fact that my child is the most adorable little thing to ever walk the planet.

Anyway, while Adam and I usually hash out the difficult task of scheduling said visits, this time we got to take it easy! Adam's parents invited my parents to their house for Easter and they accepted which meant we ALL got to be together for the holiday. Super nice.

As you may know, MC was much too young last year to do the whole egg hunt. This year I imagined it would pan out as follows... We would point out an egg to MC, she would pick it up, and the moment we tried to get her to let go of it and put it in the basket she would throw one of her famous tantrums and flail on the ground screaming. I was wrong (thank God). This kid was like some sort of pro egg-hunter and never even bothered to let us in on it. The kid has never "hunted" an Easter egg a day in her life, but when we cut her loose she took off and was HARD CORE. She was even belly crawling like a freakin' army ranger (I'll leave out the fact that said manuever might have been slightly overdramatic since the egg was in the middle of an open yard...) but it was precious to see.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well and don't forget that it wasn't the Easter bunny who died for our sins! Keep Jesus in your hearts and have a great day!

And she's off...

And, yes, she insisted on carrying her basket like a purse

The loot

My gorgeous family

Easter Morning

Daddy and MC being silly

What's better to finish off the day than a cupcake...

Unlike her 1st birthday cake, she actually LOVED the cake and icing this time!

Apr 19, 2011

Baby Scholarship

Have you ever thought people should have to have some sort of qualification to be a parent? I mean I see an 8 month preggo woman standing in a parking lot smoking a cigarette and I think to myself - you have to have a permit to have a yard sale yet any dimwitt can have a child. There should be some sort of application process...

Which leads me to my next point - there should be a "good parent scholarship". Upon the parental application review, the selection committe would pull the best and brightest applicants for said scholarship. Lets face it, there are people in this world who ADORE being parents but just can't afford the cost of another child (I wonder who I could POSSIBLY be referring to) hahaha. Adam and I would LOVE to have another child right now (well, me anyway! The baby bug bit me a while back and it bit HARD) however with him going to grad school its just not in the cards financially. I think since we have had a proven track record - we have kept one kid alive - we should be awarded a full paid child. In my imaginary Jessica world, the government says something along the lines of "you seem to be good people and you like kids and being parents... with that being said we would like to pay YOU to have a baby. That's right Jessica and Adam, we basically think you rock and would like you to bless this world with yet another precious offspring - all expenses paid" Ah, that'd be nice.

I guess until the government can get its act together and formulate this application process I will just have to continue stalking all my pregnant friends on facebook.... all 376 of them. Not really, but it seems like that many...

Happy Tuesday readers, and since I hate to leave on a negative note, here's a little happiness to share! Spring is here - and that means we can finally play outside! Here are a few pics of MC when we got back from the park - look at those precious pink cheeks!

Hooray for Spring!

Apr 11, 2011

Nutella Junkie

Nutella. Adam is convinced there's crack in it.... its that addicting.If you've never had this stuff then I would say living under a rock is surprisingly not your biggest issue. You are missing the spread sent straight from Heaven. Forget Aphrodite and her lousy pomegranate, this stuff is UH-MAZING.

Now, with that being said, I have never met a soul who has tried Nutella and didn't like it. That would also go for 16 month olds apparently.

Let's just say she liked it ;) haha. Happy Monday!!!

Apr 2, 2011

Accessories 101

Let's face it, all a girl needs is a great pair of shoes... or even just one.


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