Apr 27, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Best. Easter. Ever. Seriously, it was FANTASTIC. When you get married and have children, its really difficult to juggle the traveling so that each set of grandparents gets to see the baby on each holiday (because let's face it, when you have a child its never about seeing YOU anymore. The totem pole is drastically altered and you are now way down on the bottom with the crazy aunt) Which is fine. I get it. I can openly accept and agree with the fact that my child is the most adorable little thing to ever walk the planet.

Anyway, while Adam and I usually hash out the difficult task of scheduling said visits, this time we got to take it easy! Adam's parents invited my parents to their house for Easter and they accepted which meant we ALL got to be together for the holiday. Super nice.

As you may know, MC was much too young last year to do the whole egg hunt. This year I imagined it would pan out as follows... We would point out an egg to MC, she would pick it up, and the moment we tried to get her to let go of it and put it in the basket she would throw one of her famous tantrums and flail on the ground screaming. I was wrong (thank God). This kid was like some sort of pro egg-hunter and never even bothered to let us in on it. The kid has never "hunted" an Easter egg a day in her life, but when we cut her loose she took off and was HARD CORE. She was even belly crawling like a freakin' army ranger (I'll leave out the fact that said manuever might have been slightly overdramatic since the egg was in the middle of an open yard...) but it was precious to see.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well and don't forget that it wasn't the Easter bunny who died for our sins! Keep Jesus in your hearts and have a great day!

And she's off...

And, yes, she insisted on carrying her basket like a purse

The loot

My gorgeous family

Easter Morning

Daddy and MC being silly

What's better to finish off the day than a cupcake...

Unlike her 1st birthday cake, she actually LOVED the cake and icing this time!

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Katharine said...

She is too cute! I am so jealous of your family Easter! You have the prettiest family.


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