Aug 20, 2009

New Digs?

So its official... I am moving. The place is small, but I really think I can do a lot with it. Its in a great location (although it does have high humidity - but then again, anyone who lives in the South is used to that). I've actually seen the place for years, but never thought of moving to it. If any of you want to be old fashioned and send me mail, my address is as follows:

1000 Green Home Place
Bathroom Suite 2
Florence, AL 35633

Yes, thats right. I am moving into the bathroom. Its getting beyond ridiculous. I knew pregnant women talked about having to go to the restroom often, but I never expected anything like this. I must get up 4 times a night. And we won't even talk about during the day. I might as well buy a tent and set up camp in the bathroom at the office too. I wonder if I could get the computer put in there and get patients to meet me at the door...


Becky said...

HAHA! You are too funny! Maybe they could just put a phone in there so if someone needs you, theycould just call.

Katie said...

hahahaha! Good luck! Hopefully you can make it through the day and manage to leave your new home!

Tassie said...

I told you so!


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