Aug 26, 2009

I passed... for the most part

My doctor's office just called with the results of my glucose test - I passed. Barely. Remember I told you they take your blood 4 times throught the 3 hours? Well, in order to be considered with gestational diabetes, two of the 4 levels have to be elevated... I had one. She said technically since only one was high, I was probably ok, however to just be sure I am eating my 3 balanced meals and snacking often. Good to know.

On a sadder note, I am sick. I'm sure I have mentioned that I am also a complete hypochondriac so of course I think I have swine flu. The fact that I am pregnant is not helping matters either. I have googled symptoms (yes, Becky, its amazing how often we use that word! See her blog for the scoop) and I have most of them. I am just waiting to get home from work to check my temperature. (I'm at work eating lunch right now. I'm desperately trying to save money where I can since little MC is going to take a big chunk of our income soon!) I am really trying not to panic, but I can't help it when 10 local kids at the high school were just diagnosed with it! I mean, is this thing deadly? And what about the fact that I'm pregnant? Does that make it more deadly? Will they even be able to treat me if I have it? Ahhh! I know its ridiculous, I'm sure I just have a head cold, but apparently when you're pregnant hypochondriatic tendancies double. You not only worry about yourslef now, but even more about this whole little person inside you. That can bring up a whole other topic about how much love I already feel for her. Its amazing. I would gladly die for her right now and I don't even know her. Its amazing.

Well, I think that is all for now. Let's hope I'm not running a fever so I can calm myself! haha.

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