Aug 16, 2009

Ho Down at the Green Home

So I just finished another rousing, countrified activity this afternoon... shucking peas. To answer all of your questions - yes, it was just as fun as shucking corn. Oh. my. gosh. Can we say monotony? Two and a half hours of sitting outside in the 100 degree heat pulling apart little pea pods and taking the peas out. Over and over and over and over... you get the idea. I really wanted to call our little neighbor (the one who liked shucking the corn so much) to get his cute butt down there to help, but I refrained. I couldn't live my life knowing I had enslaved some poor 7 year old under the ruse of inviting him over to do something "super fun". I kept thinking Adam might call in the midst of my venture, thereby giving me an excuse to go inside. However, I kid you not, he called as I pulled apart the very last pea pod in the bucket. Great timing honey.

Anyway, it was so great getting to talk to him. He and I usually end up typing to each other in Yahoo messenger as we look at each other on the web cam. We haven't had great luck with Skype because of his internet connection so we've been sticking with Yahoo messenger. It does have the capability for you to call on it just like Skype, but there is a delay that makes it super annoying. I'll start talking and since Adam still hears silence on his side, he'll start talking too. Then in the middle of him talking, he'll start to hear me talking. Anyway, it gets really irritating because we spend most of the time just saying "what?". The point of my tangent? That we don't get to actually hear each other's voices a lot so when we do its really great. He has to walk like 15 to the phones when he wants to call so we only do it once or twice a week. We had a nice conversation about how MC is doing and all the fun registering yesterday.

Speaking of the registering, it was soooo overwhelming! Mom and I took my little cousing Molly with us who is here visiting from California. Here's the sad part - she is 10 and was way more help than my mom. Mom and I both stood there like deer in headlights most of the time as we tried to get everything on the suggested list. I mean, really - I know nothing about the best kind of breast milk storage container or how to choose the right binky. My mother has not had a child in 25 years and as she constantly says "they didn't have all this when you were younger!" so we just stared at each wall of items repeating "I dunno, what do you think?" to each other. Now, Molly on the other hand, would say things like "well, do you think you might need _______?" and then when presented with an array of brands, sizes, etc. she would look at the labels and say "well, this one _________, while this one ________." How she is so logical and intelligent at this age blows my mind. Either way, I'm glad we got help - who cares if it was a 10 year old. After a little while though, we did get into the swing and it was super fun. Tiring, but fun. By the end of our excursion, my back was KILLING me! I felt totally pregnant as I waddled out of the store due to my aching back and hurting feet (I retardedly wore some cheap flat sandals from Old Navy that offered NO support whatsoever.)

We met my dad for dinner as we got into town and then walked over to TJ Maxx to look at baby stuff. Surprisingly, dad was sooo into it. It was adorable. He even told me earlier today that he had so much fun last night and to take him next time we go. Well, time for my nightly date with the hubby! Happy Monday!

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Katie said...

Congrats on registering! That is so exciting :)


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