Oct 31, 2009

I'm A What?!

So apparently the thought of a new child cues your brain to develop a very hyperactive imagination which, in turn, translates into some intense dreams. Well, nightmares really. Last night I don't think I slept more than 3 or 4 hours. Yes, that is nothing new, given the fact that I am now trying to sleep with a watermelon attached to my abdomen. No, I had trouble sleeping because of these new mommy nightmares. First one? I forgot about my baby! I forgot to feed her and change her. I think I just totally forgot I had a baby all together or something. It was HORRIBLE!!!! I did the initial feeding/changing and then went about my day. Later that night apparently I remembered I had a baby and went to check on her - not good. I obviously freaked out remembering that I hadn't done any of the necessary tasks to tend to her all day long.... I woke up from my nightmare with a racing heart and could barely calm myself enough to lay back down. What kind of mother am I going to be???? Then, after looking at the clock which now read 3:34, I must've dozed back off only to find myself greeted by another horrible nightmare. This one? There was something wrong with MC. Now, don't laugh, because it might sound ridiculous, but when in deep REM we all know the most ridiculous things can bring on a lot of fear. She had a super huge head and a tiny little body. You're probably thinking "um, Jessica, thats really what newborns look like..." No, I'm not talking about the regular newborn proportions here. I'm talking a regular baby size head on a body the size of an action figure. Totally warped and crazy, I know. However, it simply freaked me out and when I awoke I began imagining all of the horrible things that can go wrong (not the fact that I will have a Stewie baby or something, but more realistic fears. Ya know, that she will come too soon and her lungs won't be developed, or she'll have some rare disease, or... the list goes on and on)

I'm sure there is not an end in sight to these horrible dreams. I'm sure they'll only get worse as the time approaches. I just can't wait for the day she arrives and I can meticulously stand over her and count each little finger and toe and put my mind at ease for at least a moment!

Oct 27, 2009

Baby Shower

So this past weekend my mom had a baby shower for me here in Florence. Everything was wonderful! We had a HUGE turn out and despite the fact that we had to change the location last minute (we were supposed to have it at my cousin Lylie's house, but Lauren and Emily had been running fevers) we got everything all set up and ready to go! I was so touched by how many people came and their generosity! My in-laws drove 5 and a half hours just for the shower, my friend Kristen drove three hours and then had to go straight to work as soon as she got back home, and the list goes on and on! I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and family!! Here are a few pics - enjoy!
My mom and my friend Jessica M. made this AMAZING diaper cake centerpiece! Isn't it adorable?

The beautiful table

So in addition to diaper cake extraordinaire, Jessica also sews. She made this adorable dress for Maggie Claire (I'm sure she would take orders too!)
A picture of Jessica M. and I... yeah, my stomach is all over her, poor thing.

Kristen and I... being the nice friend she is, she squatted down so I wouldn't look like a total midget! She is like supermodel tall...

So, as you can see, it was a wonderful day! Now, I just can't wait for Maggie to get here! I've gotten everything washed and put away and all I need now is my beautiful little baby in my arms!!

Oct 26, 2009

34 weeks! Woo Hoo!

Well, the belly is taking over. At least it feels that way. Just a few more weeks though and Miss Margaret Claire Elizabeth Martin will be here!!! (And yes, I am a teacher, and yes, I know its going to be a nightmare teaching poor MC how to write her name....)

I also have to add that depression does not even begin to cover the emotion I feel when I see how these MSU shorts fit now as compared to when I started. Take a look for yourself - this is a picture of me at 7 weeks. Sadly, the mean lady was right - I am " so much wider" in my hips and thighs!!! ahh!! I've heard nursing helps you lose all that extra weight quickly so I am praying for a miracle.

Anyway, hope everyone had a happy Monday! If you're like me though, you're already looking forward to the weekend!

Oh, the shower this weekend went wonderfully! I'll post pics soon!

Oct 20, 2009

Lots to Share!

I can't believe it's been so long since I have posted! I have just been SUPER busy with things... well, mostly baby things. Anyway, so many updates! First of all, my mother-in-law had a diaper shower for me in Madison this past weekend and it was wonderful! Maggie Claire got some super cute things and I got lots of diapers and wipes! Here are a few pics...
Mom and I
Of course nana (Adam's mom) had to get some camo for MC! :)

Mom got me, hands down, the cutest diaper bag ever made. Wish the picture did it justice!

To see all the pics, you'll just have to become my friend on facebook! It just takes too long to upload these things! haha.

So second area of updates - my phone. With all of the baby things I have had going on lately, apprently I have lost my mind. Let me set the stage here...I was doing some serious nesting the other day going through all the baby shower gifts, dividing up clothing by sizes, etc. Anyway, I was taking off tags in order to wash everything, so I had a nice little trash pile going. Now, since Adam is gone, I keep my phone by me 24/7 in case he happens to call. Well, apparently I had it a little TOO close to me. I scooped up the "trash pile", put it in a box, and then dumped it all in the garbage can outside. Well, about 5 hours later I was turing in for the night and went to look for my phone so I could set my alarm. Hm, not in the living room. Weird, not in my bedroom. At this point I knew my mind hadnt been the best lately so I proceeded to check EVERY room in the house - even the bathroom. My phone was missing. Of course I tried calling it, but it went straight to my voicemail. Again, this was weird since I knew my phone was fully charged. Well I asked mom if she had seen it around and she said no. Then, she suggested several places to look (which I already had). Then she says to me "do you think it could've gotten in with the garbage?". I highly doubted it, but went and got the trash bag anyway. Low and behold, there was my phone - covered in coca cola and all sorts of other nasty trash things. Needless to say it didn't turn on.

Well, the next day I trotted down the to ATT store to get another phone. I have to say that this always makes me nervous. I am technologically retarded to put it mildly. Adam has an iphone and I steer clear of it. The thing makes me feel like a monkey. Anyway, I loved my razor phone. Yes, it was SUPER old and not "in" so much, but it worked like a champ and did exactly what a phone is supposed to do - call people. I walked in the store with the intent of snagging the first simple looking phone I could find, but Adam's voice kept running through my head. See, he has been begging me to get an iphone since he got his. He goes on and on about the convenience and what not, but I just wasn't convinced. A phone is meant to call people. I can't even figure out how to call people on those damn things. It would be a pointless little black box if I owned one. Anyway, I went to the desk and explained the situation and immediately the associate said "well, we do have our iphones on sale for $99". She did it. She said the magic word - sale. I am very rarely swayed, but if I see or hear the world sale I am all over it. I thought about Adam and had a total Bella Swan moment where I heard Adam in my head saying "honey, PLEASE get the iphone!! We can talk to each other anywhere if you get one! They are even on sale! PLEASE!!!" So I gave in. I am now the owner of a pointless little black box. Well, I take that back. I have learned how to make calls.... and download applications.

Which brings me to my next point... I might be starting to second guess my previous thoughts about this iphone. For instance, today at work the power went out. I know, right? I was sitting there for an hour and a half alone in the dark with no power (I am the only one who works on Tuesdays. I go in and answer the phone, confirm patients, etc.) ANYWAY, after about 30 mintues of staring at the wall I was like - oh wait, I have internet and stuff on this phone... maybe I can find something to do. Well, I did. I played with the phone and was quite entertained. Then, the best part - I had to go to the bathroom. Well, I know that may not seem like something grand, but bare with me, I have a point. So I went into the restroom which has no windows and of course it was pitch black. I was like "man, I could really use a flashlight right now" Then I remembered (this is where you see the little cartoon light bulb flash over my head) that I have an iphone which has all sorts of weird applications. There has to be a flashlight or something... yup. Go me is all I can say. I totally downloaded a flashlight application in the midst of a power outage in order to use the restroom. It was fantastic. I felt like I should receive a medal or something.

So besides the baby shower, getting the make-me-feel-stupid phone, and having a fun day at work in the dark, not much else is going on. Oh, well I do have some good news to report. Went to the doctor and only gained 2 pounds this time! YAY - no tears! haha. I am going every two weeks now so that is only a pound a week. Not horrible. I also mentioned to the doctor that I had been having a lot of pressure recently so he checked me out just to be sure everything was ok. He said the baby is low, but I haven't started to dialate or anything yet which is good news. Miss Maggie May has got to stay put until daddy gets home in November!

Hope I haven't bored you to tears with my random updates! Hope you all have a happy hump day tomorrow!!! I am off to get myself all psyched up for biggest loser in a few hours! haha.

33 Weeks Already!

Here are the newest belly pics! It's been forever since I have written, but I am going to try to get around to it later today! Until then, enjoy the mound that is now my tummy! ;)

Oct 15, 2009

A Tale of Two Showers

So first of all I had a horrible fat pregnant lady moment this morning (Or an old woman moment - can't decide). I actually slipped getting out of the shower. You hear about this all the time - old person slips in the shower and breaks a hip. However, very rarely does the potential catastrophic nature of the incident hit you utnil you have something to worry about should you slip. As young adults, we slip, we fall, we get up. (This usually involves laughter at some point) Anyway, its simple. However, now that I am quite pregnant, I have begun to realize the sheer terror of the "shower slip".

So, it had been a successful endeavor so far. (Any shower which involves me being able to pick my foot up to the point of washing it is considered highly rewarding.) I happily opened the door and stuck my foot out to step on the mat, when - SQUEEEEEEK. My foot that remained in the shower slipped (probably due to me leaning over a bit and the weight of the belly). Anyway, thank goodness I was holding onto the door. I managed to catch myself before I went belly first to the ground. I stood there for a moment thinking - man, that was lucky. Then, I went to carefully remove my remaining foot from the shower. Thats when I felt the pain and the thought came "oh lord, I am officially a big fat pregnant lady. I have just pulled something in my leg trying to catch myself from slipping in the shower..." Geez.

I have been having major back pain so I figured with my little spastic fall this morning I should call trusty Dr. M for a chiropractic adjustment. I mean I was hobbling around like a 90 year old this morning attempting to finish getting ready for work. However, since my luck is about zilch right now, of course I would happen to get hurt on a Thursday - the one day they are closed. Oh happy day. I won't be able to get to see them until Monday due to my little venture this weekend...

Which ironically is a perfect segway into shower number two (hence the title for this post). This is a happy shower though -a baby shower! Yay! My wonderful mother-in-law is throwing a diaper shower for me in Madison this weekend. I hate to admit this, but I had never heard of a diaper shower. Apparently guests bring anything and everything related to diapers as gifts - actual packages of diapers, wipe warmers, diaper genies, etc. I think it will be super fun and SUPER helpful! I'm sure I haven't even begun to absorb exactly how many diapers a baby goes through.

On a completely different note, I forgot to mention a super funny story in my last post. Remember how I took care of Lauren and Emily over the weekend? So, while we were at church together Sunday, Lauren had me all but rolling on the floor laughing (great timing, I know). We were sitting down and Lauren had her head on my shoulder. Well about that time, Maggie Claire was really getting into the music or something and started doing a little belly dance. My stomach was jumping all over the place. Lauren must've been watching my belly because all of a sudden she turned and looked up at me with these "deer in headlights" eyes. I couldn't help but laugh. I smiled at her and whispered "is Maggie moving?". Her mouth dropped open and she just started shaking her head up and down. Needless to say, my belly was of much more interest the rest of the mass than what the priest was saying...haha.

Oct 11, 2009

Time Flies

I really can't believe we are already 32 weeks. It really feels like yesterday I was staring at those three pregnancy tests on my bathroom vanity..
Now here we are 7 months later at 32 weeks....

I just can't wait for Maggie Claire to be here! Saturday I spent the weekend with the family at our annual "Octoberfest". A relative has a huge farm in Tennesse and every year they have everyone over for hayrides, pumpkin carving, and marshmellow/hotdog roasting on the bonfire. It was a lot of fun. I did pass up the hayride (wasn't sure about all that bouncing being 8 months pregnant. Didnt want to shake anything loose! haha) Anyway, it was so wonderful seeing all the kids running around having such a good time. Made me anxious for all the times Adam and I will soon share with our little one! Lauren and Emily spent the night so I got to play mommy a little bit which was fun too. I'm sure I've mentioned these two little sweeties before... they are my cousins and I am totally in love with them. I mean, seriously, look at those faces!

Sooo, as you can see, Emily did have a few too many smores and ended up COVERED in chocolate! Poor baby! Well, they had fun and I had fun watching! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Oct 9, 2009

Who Thought Complaining Got You Nowhere?

Wow, I have managed to be completely downtrodden these past few posts and still received a blog award from Becky at The Details Are In The Fabric! Thanks Becky!!!

1. Each Super Scribbler I name today must in turn pass the award onto 5 most deserving bloggy friends.

2. Each super scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received the award.

3. Each super scribbler must display the award on his/her blog, and link to THIS POST, which explains the award.

4. Each super scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

Here are my nominees:






Love the blogs guys! Keep it up!

On a side note, I have to say that while I might complain and moan and groan a lot, I do feel totally blessed. I mean, I have an amazing husband, a super supportive family, and a baby on the way! God is soooooo good. Keep in mind that my venting is partially for entertainment value... haha. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oct 8, 2009

Sorry Readers, Adam Isn't Here

My stomach feels like its going to explode. I swear this baby is about to pop out of my belly button (speaking of , I must say I miss it a great deal... my belly button I mean). My back aches every second of the day. My joints and calves feel tight and swollen all the time. If I sit too long I get cankles. I haven't slept in 2 months. I live in the bathroom. I feel out of breath when I haven't even done anything. I can't bend over without shooting pain down my back. I can't paint my toenails... I can barely even see my feet. I am so out of balance - I actually ran into the refrigerator the other day at work. My thighs now rub together. I can barely roll over - I look like a dying turtle crossed with a beached whale. Everything in my entire wardrobe is now stretchy. My brain is mush... I actually put a bottle of pancake syrup in the freezer when I was finished with it the other morning. I waddle. I can't have caffine or alcohol. I am an emotional rollercoaster.

Yeah, just had to share that. Thank you.

Oct 5, 2009

Just Stamp "Goodyear" On My Butt

Well today was another checkup with Dr. W my gyno. I always do look forward to these - I mean given that I am a chronic worrier it helps to go see the doctor just to have that reassurance that everything is going well. So I go into the waiting room, do my little sign in thing, and have a seat in one of the excrutiatingly uncomfortable chairs (whcih brings me to another point - don't you think that in an office where pregnant women are seated for long stretches of time they would have something at least semi-comfortable? Where's the love people?) However, my day was immediately uplifted when I received smiles from most of the women already seated... its amazing how a pregnant woman can make people smile. I suppose its just the joy of babies. Who can resist at least a one corner turn up knowing someone is about to have a beautiful baby? Anyway, the feeling was contagious and I was soon in a very pleasant state of mind. I am going to have a baby. What a happy day...

Then, I was all too suddently ripped back to reality. The one part of those checkups that I DO NOT look forward to is the weigh in. I cant only imagine how people on Biggest Loser feel doing this in front of the entire country. I get nervous enough looking at it alone. So I hesitantly step on the scale, all the while repeating my weight from my last appointment over and over in my head. The nurse began the treacherous sliding of the weight... she kept going.... and going... "oh for the love of fudge, please stop soon!" Then she stopped. I looked ahead and saw a horrible number staring me in the face. Yes world I am even going to share - 143. Are you freaking kidding me??!!! At my appointment two weeks ago I weighed 138. I quickly did the math in my now swirling head - 5 pounds. Two weeks. 5 pounds. I kept repeating this over and over... two weeks... 5 pounds.... How is that even humanly possible?! I wanted to cry. I have now gained 25 pounds - and I still have 6-8 weeks to go. Go ahead and stamp "Goodyear" across my butt and fly me over a football game. Or ya know, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, maybe I could qualify for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade...As soon as my doctor came in I let it out. Poor guy began with typical "Hi there! How are you doing?", which we all know is purely rhetorical. No one ever actually answers with anything other than "fine". Well, not me. He had no sooner gotten the words out of his mouth than I was answering with "Well I've been better! I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that I gained 5 pounds in two weeks!!" He gave me a comforting, fatherly sort of look (after he rolled his eyes of course) and said "honey, its just water retention. This far along you will start to hold more water and that will increase your weight. Its not fat. Its barely possible to gain 5 pounds of pure fat in two weeks. You are aboslutely fine. You have never been big a day in your life and you still aren't" I admit that I did feel better hearing most of my worry was composed of supposed "water weight", but the thought still lingered in the back of my mind as to how much weight I would end up putting on - and how long it will take to get it off! Poor Adam left a normal wife and will come home to a blimp... that is assuming he still makes it here before Maggie Claire does (extra reminder to keep us in your prayers!). With all that said, I am just going to have to work super hard to bring sexy back when she's born. (Excuse the Justin Timberlake pun, I am not even a fan. Just seemed to work so I went with it. haha) After she's born I'll have 4-6 months to get back to the old me; or maybe even a better me. I don't care if I have to sweat to the oldies with a curly headed gay man, I will get the weight off!!

Oct 4, 2009

Unexpected Smiles, Don't Ya Love 'Em?

Well today has been another I-miss-Adam-terribly days. They come and go and some days are worse than others. However, I am hanging in there. That's really all I can do. Anyway, sometimes I'll include little quotes in my emails to him so I was combing the internet looking for something good... most of them made me want to cry:

"I wear the glass slipper, but my hero wears combat boots"
"Love is trading your pearls for his dogtags"
"Half of my heart is deployed"

Then after I read this letter written by someone to a military spouse (click the link to read... scroll down until you see "letter to a military spouse" in bold letters), I thought it couldn't get any worse. That is until I came across this quote...

"Sexually deprived for your freedom" and had to laugh. I love the way God sprinkles little smiles in when ya need them the most!

And remember America - "stay safe - sleep with a soldier" hahaha

Oct 1, 2009


So I am not one who does a particulary fine job of keeping up with the latest news or current events. However, during my lunch break today I got on the computer at the office and signed on internet explorer. Apparently the home page is set for fox news. I started glancing at the headlines and was of course intrigued by the transcript of Elizabeth Smart's testimony (I will save thoughts on this topic. I would like for ONE of my posts to not depress everyone who reads it!), but saw some other mind blowing stories.

Anyway, here are a few that grabbed my attention:

Woman gives birth to 19.2 pound baby. I kid you not. Given that I am pregnant, I want to get down on my knees and pray for this poor woman. Turns out the Indonesian woman had undiagnosed gestational diabetes which contributed to the baby's large birthweight. And, as I am sure all of you are curious, the baby was delivered via C-section.

Girl sells Granny on E-bay. What? Yeah, I had to check this one out. The girl said her grandmother was annoying her so she decided to put her up for auction. The sad part? PEOPLE BID! 'Ol granny must've looked pretty warm and cuddly because the going bid was $3500. Which leads me to wonder - how do you find a granny for sale on ebay? I mean, I can't say that lately I have sat at the computer thinking "Ya know, I really miss my grandma. Maybe I should check to see if ebay has any good ones for sale right now...." What is with people today??!!

Electronic Cigarette. Alright, I might be totally behind on this one. Have you heard of this? Its a cigarette that gives you nicotine without all the chemicals or smoke found in a regular cigarette. I just don't even know if I have a comment on this.

Middleville Mom in trouble for babysitting neighbors kids. Sounds like a typical news story right? I bet you are thinking the mom did something harmful or negligent and now the parents are upset... not even close. This mom received a letter in the mail from the government stating that she was not allowed to watch her neighbors kids for one hour before the school bus came without a childcare liscense. Again, speechless. I think the world has seriously gone mad.

Hope I was able to enlighten as to some things you might not have heard about! If I am totally behind (which is very likely!) and these stories are already old news, forgive me. Humor a poor girl who tries to avoid the news at all costs with the current overseas situation and sustain from any "wow, you are really retarded and your idea of "current" evens was only current about 6 months ago" comments! haha.

Enjoy the day and yay for the weekend!


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