Oct 11, 2009

Time Flies

I really can't believe we are already 32 weeks. It really feels like yesterday I was staring at those three pregnancy tests on my bathroom vanity..
Now here we are 7 months later at 32 weeks....

I just can't wait for Maggie Claire to be here! Saturday I spent the weekend with the family at our annual "Octoberfest". A relative has a huge farm in Tennesse and every year they have everyone over for hayrides, pumpkin carving, and marshmellow/hotdog roasting on the bonfire. It was a lot of fun. I did pass up the hayride (wasn't sure about all that bouncing being 8 months pregnant. Didnt want to shake anything loose! haha) Anyway, it was so wonderful seeing all the kids running around having such a good time. Made me anxious for all the times Adam and I will soon share with our little one! Lauren and Emily spent the night so I got to play mommy a little bit which was fun too. I'm sure I've mentioned these two little sweeties before... they are my cousins and I am totally in love with them. I mean, seriously, look at those faces!

Sooo, as you can see, Emily did have a few too many smores and ended up COVERED in chocolate! Poor baby! Well, they had fun and I had fun watching! Hope you all had a great weekend!


Sir Jackson Peaks said...

So funny that you just posted on this! I was just telling Emily, the other day, how it feels as if it was yesterday that Adam called me to tell us the news. It's unreal how there are days that we feel have laster forever, and yet moments that have flown past us.

Tassie said...

i remember well being at 32 weeks....that's when raelynn arrived....8 weeks early...very scary..don't wish for her to get here sooner....relish every moment of your pregnancy. I really missed that after she was born. love you!


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