Oct 8, 2009

Sorry Readers, Adam Isn't Here

My stomach feels like its going to explode. I swear this baby is about to pop out of my belly button (speaking of , I must say I miss it a great deal... my belly button I mean). My back aches every second of the day. My joints and calves feel tight and swollen all the time. If I sit too long I get cankles. I haven't slept in 2 months. I live in the bathroom. I feel out of breath when I haven't even done anything. I can't bend over without shooting pain down my back. I can't paint my toenails... I can barely even see my feet. I am so out of balance - I actually ran into the refrigerator the other day at work. My thighs now rub together. I can barely roll over - I look like a dying turtle crossed with a beached whale. Everything in my entire wardrobe is now stretchy. My brain is mush... I actually put a bottle of pancake syrup in the freezer when I was finished with it the other morning. I waddle. I can't have caffine or alcohol. I am an emotional rollercoaster.

Yeah, just had to share that. Thank you.

1 comment:

Tassie said...

Just think....all those things happen to me all the time and I'm not pregnant.


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