Jul 6, 2011

Baby Genius

No, no. Not the lame movie.... my child. Yup, baby genius. I know every mother tends to think this about their tot at one time or another, but I just so happen to have hard facts. Know too many 19 month olds who can say their ABC's? I don't. Granted she stopped at "j", but I still think that's pretty friggin' amazing. {A note to all readers - If your child is 19 months old and he/she can say the ABC's don't tell me about it. If your child said the ABC's earlier than 19 months, don't tell me about it. I ask that you please let me enjoy this prideful high I am currently experiencing and let me continue my naive thinking that my child is, in fact, a baby genius. However, if your child is 3 and still can't say his/her ABC's, please feel free to comment...} I kid, I kid, I'm not that mean people... the hubs may think otherwise, but I think we all know that's just not the case.

Anyway, I was making dinner last night and MC was playing in the den. It was no surprise that she was in there talking to herself as she has obviously inherited her daddy's ability to talk to even inanimate things and enjoy it. She was jabbering away when all of a sudden I hear "a!". Aw, cute, she said "a". Then I hear "beeee"..... then, "seeeee". At this point I stopped mid-stir, straining to hear what my angelic little offspring was spouting off. The chant continued..."deeee", "eeeee". I immediately ran to the door and peeked my head around as if to expected to see a 4 year old sitting in my living room instead of my 19 month old toddler. Sure enough,there was MC. Standing at the coffee table non-chalantly reciting her ABC's. I was in complete and utter disbelief. I desperately wanted to google "what age do children learn ABC's" but the event had me much to enthralled to look away for even a moment. I strained again as she continued.."effff", "geeee" {at this point if you are wondering, yes, she drags out the letters for a seemingly endless period of time. Like each one is a song in itself} I was completely amazed. I listened as she recited to the letter "j" and then I was discovered. She ran to me and asked for a cracker, completely unaware of the feat she had accomplished. I scooped her up and kissed her at least 5011 times before she grew tired of it and wriggled down, still wondering about that cracker she requested at least 5 minutes ago.

Oh what a day. I might also add another joyous tidbit of "first" information. MC also made the sign of the cross by herself! Yup, proud parents to a Catholic baby genius. We were praying before her lunch and when we said "amen" she touched her head, chest, and each shoulder as she said "hoy pirit" (No, I didn't forget the "L" in holy. She said "hoy" - same for the "s" in "spirit". It was just "pirit") PRECIOUS.

This kid amazes me every.single.day. This morning we even found her in the hallway. The child crawled out of her bed, opened her bedroom door (which was tightly shut) and those chunky monkey legs took her right into the hallway as she waited for mommy and daddy to get up. Hilarity. Can't believe this adorable little smart baby girl is all ours :)

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