Jul 7, 2011

The Camera Or The Broom?

So far Maggie Claire and I have had a fantastic day of running errands. Oh yes, its possible. No meltdowns, no crying to the "milp" god {yes, she calls it "milp" - I can't even correct her most of the time because I'm laughing about how friggin' cute it is}, however, she did run away from me once...

I had to go to the courthouse to get Adam's car tag renewed and, of course, had MC in tow. I knew it woudn't take long and she had been such an angel the entire morning that I really didn't think it to be an ordeal. I was actually anxious to show off my adorable and well behaved (well, today) child. As we entered the courthouse she immediately put her head on my shoulder, preparing for her "shy" routine. This is where parent's make the deadly mistake. You get confident. "Oh yeah", I thought to myself. "We've got this in the bag". I opened the door to the tag office, hip-carrying my "shy" child and a sign immediately grabbed my attention {given that there were 4 of them posted at each clerks station, this was obviously the intent} It didn't take long to read it. In huge bold letters it said: Control Your Children

Hahahaha. I got a great laugh out of that one. I couldn't help but instantly imagine a Jumanji scenario with 99 crazed monkeys demolishing the hallway sized office. ha. This sign was not meant for children such as mine. WRONG.

Before we got to the counter MC wanted down. Oh dear. I put her little golden sandle clad feet on the ground nervously... she stood. Then she wanted to sit in the chair. Ok. I can do that. You sit here and look pretty while mommy gives the nice lady some money. Nope. She was not having it. After crawling through my legs like a jungle gym for 2 minutes, I picked her back up in hopes her angelic face would detour the clerk from asking me to "control my child". It worked. Score. Then she wanted down - this had to occur as I couldn't adequately dig in my luggage size purse for my wallet. I set her down and WHAM - she was off. Yup. Ran down the entire office like some sort of hooligan. I threw my checkbook on the counter and chased after the 19 month old who now seemed to sprint as fast as a freakin' gazelle. I scooped her up and returned to the counter with a down turned head, feeling like a dog who just knowningly crapped on the new living room rug.

Humor. That was going to save me. Or pity. Choose quickly Jess! Both.... "Man, if she's only 1, I don't think I want to see the "terrible two's"".... I waited. It didn't take her long to respond "oh honey, we have three grandchildren - 5,3, and 2!" As she went on about their recent trip to Branson, I knew I was saved. I "mmhmm-ed" and "oh-ed" my way through the remainder of the transaction and made it out without reprimand.

Then, as we were walking to the car, one of the older gentlemen from the office walked beside me and commented "she sure is a cutie..". I thanked him and he continued.."they're a handful at this age, aren't they?". I agreed and he proceeded to give one of the most valuable pieces of advice I think I have ever heard.."I'm guessing this is your first? Ya know, when mine were growing up, I always asked myself "should I get the broom or the camera?" I always chose the camera. They grow up too fast to get upset. "Terrific Two's" I say...Try thinking about it like that..."

I could've been offended by his assumption that I thought my child was a mad-woman, but, surprisingly, I wasn't. I actually thought this man had it all figured out. What a great perspective to have on life - not just children.

So here's to you, courthouse-tag-office-wise-man. Your wisdom has spawned its own blog post and touched the life of a mom and her one or two readers. Thanks :)

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Lisa said...

Very true! Now, having a second child, sometimes Landon's crazy days are the best. Just gotta soak it all in and remember...other people have been there with their little ones, too! (even if they are snarling and glaring at you! ha!)


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