Jul 31, 2012

Its A...

Be sure to check out the big gender reveal of Baby Martin #2 at my new blog "A Martin Marriage"!

This will be the last post on Baby Makes 3, so be sure to follow the new blog so you don't miss a single post!

Jul 28, 2012


Correct me if I'm wrong, but baby Martin number 2 means we will have FOUR in our family. Obviously baby doesn't make 3 anymore. Yeah. I'm a math whiz. I feel your jealousy.

Instead of just changing the blog name I decided to start fresh. We've had so many new beginnings these last few weeks it only seemed appropriate. Therefore, "...And Baby Makes 3" will be officially moving.

I hope you check out my new blog at www.amartinmarriage.com and keep up with all the joys and hilarity that is our life :)

PS - If you haven't been convinced enough, I did want to let you know that I will soon be revealing baby Bean's gender! Stay tuned and be sure to follow "A Martin Marriage: Thoughts on Mommyhood, Marriage, and Life's Messes"via email or blogger!

Jul 24, 2012


Are you noticing a theme here? Yes, its late. Again.

16 weeks 2 days
Due Date: January 5, 2013
How Far Along: 16 weeks
Total Weight Gained: 119 (3 lbs)

Maternity Clothes: Gradually fitting into the maternity shorts I have. I can still squeeze into a pair or two of pre-baby shorts as well. Considering I have been living out of a suitcase F-O-R-E-V-E-R its pretty easy because I only have about 5 outfits to choose from haha.
Sleep: Better. Bathroom breaks are still quite irritating but I've found I'm able to go back to sleep more easily after them. 

Best Moment of the Week: Hmm, that's a toughie. I WISH I could say that it was feeling Bean move for the first time but that still.hasn't.happened. My mom is coming for a visit in a couple of days so lets say it will be getting a much needed rest from chasing MC around and having someone to help me clean the new house before we move in.  
Food Cravings: Whipped up another batch of Ranch dip today. Still binging on cauliflower and carrots and this crack dip. Also began my post-dinner-glass-of- chocolate-milk love affair. (This occurred with MC as well, although I think it hit me a little later in the game last time.)
Food Aversions: Nothing. Food good.
Belly button/stretch marks: Not yet. If I keep forgetting to put that dang belly cream on though we might have some issues down the line. 

Symptoms: Adam says I'm still hormonal. I'd agree. Breakdown number 384 since we found out we were pregnant occurred this evening. I asked him why our life manages to become so stressful when I am pregnant. He just looked confused like I was the one making it more stressful than it had to be. Touche sir. 
Adam's pregnancy symptoms: The hubs has also adopted my post dinner beverage of choice. We have been going through heaps of Nestle-Quick at the Martin house.
Movement: No. And no. This child needs to get it together. 
Gender: MC still professes Bean is her baby brother, but mommy is starting to consider the fact that it might possibly be a girl. I'm about 75% boy at this point. We find out August 10th! Stay tuned!
Milestones: My first pregnancy comment from a stranger. I suppose I am officially to the point where I look a little pregnant. We were in the vestibule at church with MC (they don't have a cry room) and one of the ushers looked at me and looked at my stomach and asked if I needed a chair. 

Jul 18, 2012

Late Bumpdate!

Well, as usual it seems, I am late getting to this weeks bumpdate! Lots and lots going on this week and I can't wait to share all the news! :)
15 weeks 4 days - and the hubs caught me mid-eye-roll. Awesome.

Due Date: January 5, 2013
How Far Along: 15 weeks
Total Weight Gained: I actually lost a little weight so the weight is back at 118 (2lbs gained so far

Maternity Clothes: Still waiting for the belly to fill out the maternity shorts band properly. I have a few casual dresses that work well with the growing belly but lets get real, I am not going to put on a dress to stay at home with my 2 year old. I frequently sport stretchy shorts and t-shirts. Unless we got out (as in leave the house)... then I vamp it up with cotton shorts. Ha.
Sleep: Getting a little better. I'm almost used to frequenting the bathroom 3-4 times a night. 

Best Moment of the Week: Well, not baby related but the Martin's are NO LONGER HOMELESS!!! We have a house, and its wonderful, and spacious, and only minutes from uptown. Yes, this girl is excited. 
Food Cravings: This week it has been all about the homemade ranch dip and cauliflower. I have eaten an entire head of cauliflower in two days.  
Food Aversions: Nothing
Belly button/stretch marks: Nope - I have to remember to put my belly cream on though! I was religious about it the first time around and this time its a complete after thought. Do any of you guys have recommendations for a great cream? I cannot for the life of me remember what I used with MC so this go around I just grabbed the first thing I saw. I know I used Palmer's but aren't their different formulas for the preggo belly?

Symptoms: I'm still a little emotional. Hormone craziness. Granted, we have had one heck of a few weeks so I like to attribute some if it to that ;)
Adam's pregnancy symptoms: Moodiness. Love him. Adore him. However, two moody people in the same house makes for some interesting conversations to say the least haha
Movement: Ok. I am not fretting. However, I have not felt little Bean AT ALL. Nada. I asked my doctor about it at my appointment (right at 14 weeks) and she was like, "oh that's totally normal. Most women don't feel anything until 17 weeks or so" I told her I felt MC at 14 and she was like "oh, well, should be anytime then!" COME ON BEAN! Give mommy a little jab (I know I will regret saying that very very soon)!
Gender: Holding firm with boy - as is MC. We find out in about 3.5 weeks!!! :)
Milestones: Um, having a home is pretty big this week. I can barely tell the belly is growing but the hubs says he can. Still waiting on the "pregnancy" stage and ready to be done with the "beer gut" stage.   

Jul 12, 2012


Well, isn't time for a bumpdate quite yet but I had to share my relief. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and, I'll be honest, I was bracing for the worst. These last few weeks have been some of the hardest of my life. Almost as hard as when Adam left for Iraq (yes, its that bad). Adam and I have both been under an insane amount of stress and I know that isn't good for little one. I try my best to mellow out but the tears fall quite often. I'm sure the hormones don't help.

With that being said, it was a HUGE blessing to hear sweet Bean's heartbeat today. 159 bpm and going strong - PRAISE GOD!!! I have lost a little weight but she said she wasn't too concerned. If losing a pound or two are the only repercussions of the last few weeks, I'll take it.

I'm not sure if anyone reads this blog anymore, but prayers could certainly be used if you could spare a few. I KNOW God will take care of us, as He has proved that to me time and time again, but we are in one of the most difficult times we have encountered in quite a while.

I am proud to say that during all this stress, I couldn't imagine having anyone else by my side. My husband is amazing. Truly. We've gotten through trials before and we'll get through this - I guess I just feel it doesn't hurt to have a few family members and friends put in a good word for you with the Big Guy though ;)

We've still got another big undertaking today that could determine a lot - either reducing or inducing a great load of stress. I pray it goes well. I know God's Will will be done, and I'm trying to accept that. That's never an easy thing to do - I don't care who you are.

Despite everything being thrown our way, I also know we will take something from it. The Lord has shown us a lot about ourselves, our relationship, and our faith. He has taught us lessons in humility, love, endurance, patience, and poverty - and boy has he beat that last one to death. Ha. However I know that one day we won't sit up at night wondering how bills will be paid. Instead, we will sit up at night thinking about how we can best help others who are now wondering how bills will be paid. Maybe that's what we take from all this - a great big lesson in generosity and charity. I'll gladly climb any mountain if it means I become a better person; and I think that's the sum of God's plan. To make us better people. He presents us with constant opportunities for growth and change and we need to use them for just that - not for an opportunity to develop more hate, anger, and disappointment.

God is good and life is good and as corny as this might be, I try to always remember the line from Gary Allen song which says "life aint always beautiful, but its a beautiful ride." A ride it is, and I know if I stick with it, I will have something even more beautiful to look forward to when its done.

Jul 10, 2012


Again, apologies for my tardiness...
14 weeks 2 days

Due Date: January 5, 2013
How Far Along: 14 weeks
Total Weight Gained: 3lbs (up to 119 now)

Maternity Clothes: STILL squeezing my muffing top into pre-baby shorts. I have 1 or 2 pairs that still somehow manage to button. I am also sporting stylish blue jean maternity shorts on a regular basis. This is irritating because they have the super thick band across the top instead of the thin panel. My belly isn't quite big enough for them to sit as they should so you can see a huge line going right across my stomach from the top of the band if I wear anything even semi-form fitting with these shorts. The pre-baby shorts cause an unsightly looking roll from squeezing the bottom part of my stomach so pairing these with anything form fitting is out of the question as well. Since most of my wardrobe consists of fitted solid color tee's, my maternity wardrobe the last few weeks has been casual shorts and a T-shirt.
Sleep: I'm contemplating just sleeping on the bathroom floor. Its ridonkulous.

Best Moment of the Week: Having a few comments on my recent church photo I posted. Asking if I could look any cuter and saying I look the best EVER certainly did a lot to brighten my day ;)
Food Cravings: I've eaten a Mexican casserole I made on Thursday every day since. Adam wasn't a big fan of it but I thought it was fantastic. He tried to be witty and said "hm, maybe its just a craving then..." 
Food Aversions: Nothing
Belly button/stretch marks: Nope

Symptoms: I am still dealing with these d$#% sore boobs. Its miserable. I'll leave it at that. Also, do any of you mommies remember having CRAZY dreams while pregnant? I remember I did the same thing with MC. I'm talking WEIRD. 
Adam's pregnancy symptoms: Exhaustion and stress. You would think he was in his third trimester already. Poor guy - 4 more weeks of school and he's hitting it hard.
Movement: To say that I am "up in arms" about this issue might be an exaggeration, but its pretty close. I am now 14 weeks 3 days and I have felt NOTHING. NADA. I remember I felt MC at 14 weeks so I am slightly disturbed. Again, appointment on the 12th so we'll see how it goes. :/
Gender: Boy according to mommy and a friend or two
Milestones: Well, I am WAITING for the "I-don't-look-fat-I-look-pregnant" phase to hit. This will be a huge milestone. If I recall correctly, I started really looking pregnant with MC around week 17 or so hopefully soon my beer gut will turn baby belly.  

Jul 9, 2012

Funny Things Are Everywhere

"From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere." Lately, the funny things have been right in our living room - wrapped up in a little package known as Maggie Claire. We all know children say the funniest things and I know I love reading quotes from friends' kiddos. Here are two things that MC said within the course of a couple of hours this morning...

MC and I were standing at the window watching Adam get in the car to leave today. As he sat getting his mirrors straightened, his cell phone put down, and his seatbelt on MC was screaming, "bye daddy! I love you sooo much!" As he pulled away, she suddenly says "oh no, not again!!" After saying this she turns to me, lip puckered and tears in her eyes, and bolts into her room and onto her bed. She burried her face in the pillow and started to cry. I asked her why she was crying and she said "I miss my daddy!!" I said, "oh baby, you didn't want daddy to leave?" and she looks at me with those huge brown eyes and tears rolling down her face and said "No..." It was hilarious and probably one of the most precious things I have ever seen. Hearing her say "oh no, not again!" will probably make me laugh forever.

Then, a couple of hours later, I was picking her up from her chair after she finished breakfast. I held her and said "Mags, I sure do love you" and gave her a big kiss. She looked at me and in a very annoyed fashion responds "I know mom!" I laughed and said "oh, excuse me, do I tell you that too much?". She says, "yup. Tooo much." LOL Didn't know that was even possible but I guess two year olds have their limits ;)

Hope you are all have a wonderful Monday and I promise I will get to my overdue bumpdate soon!

Jul 4, 2012


Yup, late on this one as well. However, I know you read my last post and you understand ;)

13 weeks and growing
Due Date: January 5, 2013
How Far Along: 13 weeks
Total Weight Gained: 2.5 lbs  (gained 1/2 a pound since June 23rd)

Maternity Clothes: Considering how busy we've been this momma hasn't had time to make it to the maternity store to buy more shorts. I'm squeezing my pooching belly into prebaby shorts until our schedule slows.
Sleep: Decent. If I could go the restroom without physically waking up and getting out of bed that would be great ;)

Best Moment of the Week: Feeling cold when I woke up!!!! After 2 days in a house that was 85 degrees I have never thanked God so much for cool air!!
Food Cravings: Hmm, nothing to speak of. The only day I did crave a fruity slush but I think that was more due to the fact that it was 105 degrees outside. 
Food Aversions: Nothing
Belly button/stretch marks: Nope

Symptoms: Its amazing what cool air can do for your hormones - ha. I'm a much happier person now and I'm sure the hubs is much appreciative. All I am dealing with now is being tired in the afternoon which I have a feeling won't subside and will only get worse.
Adam's pregnancy symptoms: Adam has mellowed as well. His hormones are leveling out for which I am likewise much appreciative.
Movement: I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little concerned. Hearing two friends say they felt their second much earlier (as in 12 weeks) I worry something isn't right. Doctor's appointment on July 12 so I'll just have to keep the faith until then...
Gender: Baby boy Bean is still my guess
Milestones: We can live in our friends house without sweating to death. No, this has nothing to do with Bean or our pregnancy, but its huge.  

*Might I add that we are now on location number FOUR for these pictures. Poor Bean has already lived in 4 places in his short 13 weeks of life. I suppose he's happy following in his big sister's footsteps as she has lived in 3 states and 5 houses in her short 2 and a half years of life ;)

Jul 3, 2012

Just The Facts, Mam

The only logical way I can address the issues we have had over the last few days are to organize them Dragnet style. Don't hate. If you never watched that show at 12pm on Nick at Night you're a craze-o in my book.

This is the city - Charlotte, North Carolina....

Wednesday 10pm:
Some friends who were going to help us move every belonging we own into storage had some things come up and couldn't help as we had anticipated. We had already rented and paid for a moving truck to come at 7am Thursday. We were in trouble. Big trouble. Called friends, called parents, finally decided to hire movers.

Wednesday 11pm:
After finally finding a company who oddly answers the phone at 11pm on a weeknight, we arrange for two movers to come to the apartment at 9am Thursday morning.

Thursday 6:30am:
Wake the sleeping princess and rush out the door to get the moving truck

Thursday 7am:
Arrive at location only to find the entire U-haul computer system is down. Adam asked how long it would take and they said it could be 5 minutes, could be 5 days. We wait. And wait.

Thursday 8:30am:
Call moving company to see if movers can come later as we still have not been able to get our truck. They said they had already left, but would try to send them to another job first.

Thursday 9am:
Finally receive our truck. Called movers to see if they could still come on time. Nope, already on another job. Would arrive between 12 and 1pm.

Thursday 9:15am:
Adam begins moving boxes into truck. This continues for 3 hours.

Thursday 12:30pm:
Movers arrive - thank GOD they are wonderful and work so quickly you would think they had known the morning this pregnant lady just had.

Thursday 7pm:
Everything is in storage and Adam arrives home from the unit. Take loads to the friend's house we are staying at

Friday 3:30pm:
Go to an appointment to see a rental house. Walk up to the door and the landlord is standing on the porch waiting for us. He sees us and says "Did you guys get a flyer?", to which we responded "um, no, do we need one?". He says "well yeah, you didn't read it? No pets.No children!" Adam (holding back as much rage as I have ever seen) "Um, why is that? You know they ARE human.." The obviously joyous man says "because I have two children and they were a pain in the ass to raise, thats why!" I felt a fight coming on by my sweet husband composed himself and with a simple "ok" turned and walked away. Never mind the fact that he muttered under his breath the entire way to the car and may or may not have told MC to throw the rock she found on the ground through the window of the house....he controlled himself and for that I'm very proud.

Saturday 9am:
Adam calls from the garage and informs me that his $700 mountain bike has been stolen.

Saturday 5pm:
Arrive at our friends house we are staying at while we are "homeless". They have JUST moved into this place and we are extremely grateful. Walked in and noticed it was quite hot. Check thermostat which we turned down a few days ago when we dropped off a load of things. 85 degrees. Air had been on 69 for two days and it was 85 degrees. Called landlord who said he would come by. Adam goes to buy a box fan

Saturday 7pm:
Landlord arrives and says unit will only cool the house 20 degrees from the temp outside - aka "this is as cool as its going to get during the day". Oh boy.

Saturday 9pm:
Sweating and exhausted I have a complete breakdown and debate driving to Florence to stay. I cry and cry and the hubs accuses me of taking crazy pills and being slightly psycho. Not smart I might add.

Sunday 2pm:
Make it out of the house to buy a window unit. Get it hooked up - not an easy feat with a two cranky, sweaty, exhausted people, one of whom is pregnant and hormonal.

Sunday 5pm:
Go to mass where I break it down for God "God, I can't do this. I am at the end of my rope and I'm done. Help me, I need you."

Sunday 6:30pm:
Arrive home to a house that has now cooled to 78 degrees. If you ever thought God doesn't listen, you better believe ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!!!!!

Monday 7:30am:
I woke up cold. It was 70 degrees in this house. Case closed.

This was a difficult case. One which had "mental breakdown" written all over it. I was pregnant. I had just packed up my entire house while entertaining a 2 year old. I was homeless. I had been denied housing because I had a child. I had been burglarized. I had been sweating to death in a house that was hotter than Hades for almost 24 hours. It was just bad.

But as you can see, the story has a bright side. GOD IS REAL. I literally couldn't take anymore. These overwhelming circumstances coupled with financial issues, having no jobs to speak of, and no plan for the future was too much. I literally felt like I was drowning. I had a talk with God in which I told Him all of this. I said I surrender completely to your will but I need Your help to do it. I need your Holy Spirit to strengthen me because I am done. I let go.

Yes, it was just cool air. But that cool air let to a landslide of "brightsides" that only further showed me that God will NEVER forsake me. I don't know why the last 4 years of our life have been so trying, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that God WILL take care of us. Even if its not the plan we have in our head, He will ALWAYS do whats best for us - and keep us cool along the way :)


I know, I'm a week behind. If you even KNEW what had been going on with us these last few weeks you would understand...

Due Date: January 5, 2013
How Far Along: 12 weeks
Total Weight Gained: 2lbs  

Maternity Clothes: prebaby shorts are now in the home stretch. In one more week I think it won't be happenin' anymore...
Sleep: Not great. I think getting up for restroom breaks is killing it.

Best Moment of the Week: There weren't any. Explanatory blog soon to follow. I shouldn't say that. However, it was one of those weeks where all you can think to say is "well, at least we have our health..."
Food Cravings: Its all about the cake this week baby. Adam and I whipped one up and devoured the whole thing in approximately 3 days. 
Food Aversions: Nothing
Belly button/stretch marks: Nope

Symptoms: My hormones are INSANE. Like, my husband may or may not be researching mental institutions in the Charlotte area...
Adam's pregnancy symptoms: Adam is also having hormone issues this week. Is this in direct corrolation to my supposed "crazy pill" overdose? I think not.
Movement: Not yet!
Gender: MC and I both are still feeling boy.
Milestones: Let's see, this week we were officially homeless and burglurized. I'd say those are awesome milestones. 


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