Jul 3, 2012

Just The Facts, Mam

The only logical way I can address the issues we have had over the last few days are to organize them Dragnet style. Don't hate. If you never watched that show at 12pm on Nick at Night you're a craze-o in my book.

This is the city - Charlotte, North Carolina....

Wednesday 10pm:
Some friends who were going to help us move every belonging we own into storage had some things come up and couldn't help as we had anticipated. We had already rented and paid for a moving truck to come at 7am Thursday. We were in trouble. Big trouble. Called friends, called parents, finally decided to hire movers.

Wednesday 11pm:
After finally finding a company who oddly answers the phone at 11pm on a weeknight, we arrange for two movers to come to the apartment at 9am Thursday morning.

Thursday 6:30am:
Wake the sleeping princess and rush out the door to get the moving truck

Thursday 7am:
Arrive at location only to find the entire U-haul computer system is down. Adam asked how long it would take and they said it could be 5 minutes, could be 5 days. We wait. And wait.

Thursday 8:30am:
Call moving company to see if movers can come later as we still have not been able to get our truck. They said they had already left, but would try to send them to another job first.

Thursday 9am:
Finally receive our truck. Called movers to see if they could still come on time. Nope, already on another job. Would arrive between 12 and 1pm.

Thursday 9:15am:
Adam begins moving boxes into truck. This continues for 3 hours.

Thursday 12:30pm:
Movers arrive - thank GOD they are wonderful and work so quickly you would think they had known the morning this pregnant lady just had.

Thursday 7pm:
Everything is in storage and Adam arrives home from the unit. Take loads to the friend's house we are staying at

Friday 3:30pm:
Go to an appointment to see a rental house. Walk up to the door and the landlord is standing on the porch waiting for us. He sees us and says "Did you guys get a flyer?", to which we responded "um, no, do we need one?". He says "well yeah, you didn't read it? No pets.No children!" Adam (holding back as much rage as I have ever seen) "Um, why is that? You know they ARE human.." The obviously joyous man says "because I have two children and they were a pain in the ass to raise, thats why!" I felt a fight coming on by my sweet husband composed himself and with a simple "ok" turned and walked away. Never mind the fact that he muttered under his breath the entire way to the car and may or may not have told MC to throw the rock she found on the ground through the window of the house....he controlled himself and for that I'm very proud.

Saturday 9am:
Adam calls from the garage and informs me that his $700 mountain bike has been stolen.

Saturday 5pm:
Arrive at our friends house we are staying at while we are "homeless". They have JUST moved into this place and we are extremely grateful. Walked in and noticed it was quite hot. Check thermostat which we turned down a few days ago when we dropped off a load of things. 85 degrees. Air had been on 69 for two days and it was 85 degrees. Called landlord who said he would come by. Adam goes to buy a box fan

Saturday 7pm:
Landlord arrives and says unit will only cool the house 20 degrees from the temp outside - aka "this is as cool as its going to get during the day". Oh boy.

Saturday 9pm:
Sweating and exhausted I have a complete breakdown and debate driving to Florence to stay. I cry and cry and the hubs accuses me of taking crazy pills and being slightly psycho. Not smart I might add.

Sunday 2pm:
Make it out of the house to buy a window unit. Get it hooked up - not an easy feat with a two cranky, sweaty, exhausted people, one of whom is pregnant and hormonal.

Sunday 5pm:
Go to mass where I break it down for God "God, I can't do this. I am at the end of my rope and I'm done. Help me, I need you."

Sunday 6:30pm:
Arrive home to a house that has now cooled to 78 degrees. If you ever thought God doesn't listen, you better believe ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!!!!!

Monday 7:30am:
I woke up cold. It was 70 degrees in this house. Case closed.

This was a difficult case. One which had "mental breakdown" written all over it. I was pregnant. I had just packed up my entire house while entertaining a 2 year old. I was homeless. I had been denied housing because I had a child. I had been burglarized. I had been sweating to death in a house that was hotter than Hades for almost 24 hours. It was just bad.

But as you can see, the story has a bright side. GOD IS REAL. I literally couldn't take anymore. These overwhelming circumstances coupled with financial issues, having no jobs to speak of, and no plan for the future was too much. I literally felt like I was drowning. I had a talk with God in which I told Him all of this. I said I surrender completely to your will but I need Your help to do it. I need your Holy Spirit to strengthen me because I am done. I let go.

Yes, it was just cool air. But that cool air let to a landslide of "brightsides" that only further showed me that God will NEVER forsake me. I don't know why the last 4 years of our life have been so trying, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that God WILL take care of us. Even if its not the plan we have in our head, He will ALWAYS do whats best for us - and keep us cool along the way :)

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