Jul 24, 2012


Are you noticing a theme here? Yes, its late. Again.

16 weeks 2 days
Due Date: January 5, 2013
How Far Along: 16 weeks
Total Weight Gained: 119 (3 lbs)

Maternity Clothes: Gradually fitting into the maternity shorts I have. I can still squeeze into a pair or two of pre-baby shorts as well. Considering I have been living out of a suitcase F-O-R-E-V-E-R its pretty easy because I only have about 5 outfits to choose from haha.
Sleep: Better. Bathroom breaks are still quite irritating but I've found I'm able to go back to sleep more easily after them. 

Best Moment of the Week: Hmm, that's a toughie. I WISH I could say that it was feeling Bean move for the first time but that still.hasn't.happened. My mom is coming for a visit in a couple of days so lets say it will be getting a much needed rest from chasing MC around and having someone to help me clean the new house before we move in.  
Food Cravings: Whipped up another batch of Ranch dip today. Still binging on cauliflower and carrots and this crack dip. Also began my post-dinner-glass-of- chocolate-milk love affair. (This occurred with MC as well, although I think it hit me a little later in the game last time.)
Food Aversions: Nothing. Food good.
Belly button/stretch marks: Not yet. If I keep forgetting to put that dang belly cream on though we might have some issues down the line. 

Symptoms: Adam says I'm still hormonal. I'd agree. Breakdown number 384 since we found out we were pregnant occurred this evening. I asked him why our life manages to become so stressful when I am pregnant. He just looked confused like I was the one making it more stressful than it had to be. Touche sir. 
Adam's pregnancy symptoms: The hubs has also adopted my post dinner beverage of choice. We have been going through heaps of Nestle-Quick at the Martin house.
Movement: No. And no. This child needs to get it together. 
Gender: MC still professes Bean is her baby brother, but mommy is starting to consider the fact that it might possibly be a girl. I'm about 75% boy at this point. We find out August 10th! Stay tuned!
Milestones: My first pregnancy comment from a stranger. I suppose I am officially to the point where I look a little pregnant. We were in the vestibule at church with MC (they don't have a cry room) and one of the ushers looked at me and looked at my stomach and asked if I needed a chair. 

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