Jul 10, 2012


Again, apologies for my tardiness...
14 weeks 2 days

Due Date: January 5, 2013
How Far Along: 14 weeks
Total Weight Gained: 3lbs (up to 119 now)

Maternity Clothes: STILL squeezing my muffing top into pre-baby shorts. I have 1 or 2 pairs that still somehow manage to button. I am also sporting stylish blue jean maternity shorts on a regular basis. This is irritating because they have the super thick band across the top instead of the thin panel. My belly isn't quite big enough for them to sit as they should so you can see a huge line going right across my stomach from the top of the band if I wear anything even semi-form fitting with these shorts. The pre-baby shorts cause an unsightly looking roll from squeezing the bottom part of my stomach so pairing these with anything form fitting is out of the question as well. Since most of my wardrobe consists of fitted solid color tee's, my maternity wardrobe the last few weeks has been casual shorts and a T-shirt.
Sleep: I'm contemplating just sleeping on the bathroom floor. Its ridonkulous.

Best Moment of the Week: Having a few comments on my recent church photo I posted. Asking if I could look any cuter and saying I look the best EVER certainly did a lot to brighten my day ;)
Food Cravings: I've eaten a Mexican casserole I made on Thursday every day since. Adam wasn't a big fan of it but I thought it was fantastic. He tried to be witty and said "hm, maybe its just a craving then..." 
Food Aversions: Nothing
Belly button/stretch marks: Nope

Symptoms: I am still dealing with these d$#% sore boobs. Its miserable. I'll leave it at that. Also, do any of you mommies remember having CRAZY dreams while pregnant? I remember I did the same thing with MC. I'm talking WEIRD. 
Adam's pregnancy symptoms: Exhaustion and stress. You would think he was in his third trimester already. Poor guy - 4 more weeks of school and he's hitting it hard.
Movement: To say that I am "up in arms" about this issue might be an exaggeration, but its pretty close. I am now 14 weeks 3 days and I have felt NOTHING. NADA. I remember I felt MC at 14 weeks so I am slightly disturbed. Again, appointment on the 12th so we'll see how it goes. :/
Gender: Boy according to mommy and a friend or two
Milestones: Well, I am WAITING for the "I-don't-look-fat-I-look-pregnant" phase to hit. This will be a huge milestone. If I recall correctly, I started really looking pregnant with MC around week 17 or so hopefully soon my beer gut will turn baby belly.  

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Susannah said...

Ya look just precious! Keep wearing the tight stuff, you're already so thin that way peeps can tell! Hope you are feeling good!


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