Aug 24, 2010

Where Does The Time Go??

Well, let me just jump right into things here. My little girl is growing up WAY. TOO. FAST. I mean she's standing up by herself now. Before I know it she'll be walking. Then going to school. Then driving. Oh dear God. Ok, I need to talk about something else....

Other than the fact that MC IS growing up much too quickly, it IS neat to see all the new things she's started to do. We're becoming quite the accomplished sippy cup user and she's able to stand up by herself (see below).
She usually pulls up on things and then let's go, however about a week ago she went from sitting to standing without pulling up on anything. She was sitting and all of a sudden thought "hey, ya know what, I wanna stand." Then stood up like it was nothing. Of course she then proceeded to sway like a drunk person trying to get her balance. haha. Adam and I clap and cheer whenever she stands on her own and I think she's starting to figure that out. When she lets go of something she'll look to one of us (wanting us to act a fool I guess). I mean seriously, her little thought process must be something along the lines of "I suppose I have accepted that my mommy and daddy are looney tooney. However, I do find it quite entertaining. Whenever I let go of something they start yelling and clapping for who knows what reason. I'm not sure what I'm doing, but if they find it that amusing I guess I could pacify them by continuing my trick..."

Also I have to share our teething journey. Every mother out there who is reading this - I caution you. You ARE going to hate me. Our teething tale consists of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! This child sprouted a tooth without one single symptom except wanting to put anything and everything into her mouth. No crying, no crazy explosion diapers, nothing. She fussed one night (when I say fussed I mean kind of whined on and off. No all out crying, just a whine) which was very uncharacteristic of her, but thats the extent of it. How blessed are we??!! I have heard absolute horror stories about this ordeal so all I can figure is that we are going to be in for it with baby number two. Oh dear.

Besides having fun with MC, we've also been spending every weekend for the past few months out of town. Trust me, I am SO over it. I hate the car. If I had a super power it would be teleportaion. We haven't been home a single weekend in almost 2 months. While we have had some great fun (visited my bro in Nashville, went to the coast to see Adam's family - most of whom had still not met MC, and visiting the grandparent's) I was glad to finally have some time at home this past weekend. You might be thinking - oh thats great! I bet you relaxed and enjoyed the free time! Not hardly people. I cleaned ALL WEEKEND. Let me just put it out there - I am in dire need of counseling for my OCD problem. I am a neat freak. I get crazy anxious if things are out of order (by out of order I mean I can barely let my husband make the bed without going behind him to re-straighten fringe on the accent pillows). So you can imagine that I was about to blow a gasket not having adequate time to clean my house because of all the traveling. It was therapudic to say the least. I still didn't get it all done, but the list did get substantially smaller so thats good.

In closing, I have to brighten the mood and show off my precious angel! I mean I know this is my kid and all parents think their baby is the cutest - but seriously people. Is this not the cutest little girl ever??!!
"Aw, I love your kisses daddy!"
"Showing off my toofies mommy!"
"Hi mommy!"

"Bye Bye for now people!"

Aug 23, 2010


1 month since my last post??? Seriously? This hiatus must stop. I promise a new post and pics will come soon (by SOON, I mean sometime this week. swear.) Here's one present and hopes for a happy Monday!


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