Oct 1, 2009


So I am not one who does a particulary fine job of keeping up with the latest news or current events. However, during my lunch break today I got on the computer at the office and signed on internet explorer. Apparently the home page is set for fox news. I started glancing at the headlines and was of course intrigued by the transcript of Elizabeth Smart's testimony (I will save thoughts on this topic. I would like for ONE of my posts to not depress everyone who reads it!), but saw some other mind blowing stories.

Anyway, here are a few that grabbed my attention:

Woman gives birth to 19.2 pound baby. I kid you not. Given that I am pregnant, I want to get down on my knees and pray for this poor woman. Turns out the Indonesian woman had undiagnosed gestational diabetes which contributed to the baby's large birthweight. And, as I am sure all of you are curious, the baby was delivered via C-section.

Girl sells Granny on E-bay. What? Yeah, I had to check this one out. The girl said her grandmother was annoying her so she decided to put her up for auction. The sad part? PEOPLE BID! 'Ol granny must've looked pretty warm and cuddly because the going bid was $3500. Which leads me to wonder - how do you find a granny for sale on ebay? I mean, I can't say that lately I have sat at the computer thinking "Ya know, I really miss my grandma. Maybe I should check to see if ebay has any good ones for sale right now...." What is with people today??!!

Electronic Cigarette. Alright, I might be totally behind on this one. Have you heard of this? Its a cigarette that gives you nicotine without all the chemicals or smoke found in a regular cigarette. I just don't even know if I have a comment on this.

Middleville Mom in trouble for babysitting neighbors kids. Sounds like a typical news story right? I bet you are thinking the mom did something harmful or negligent and now the parents are upset... not even close. This mom received a letter in the mail from the government stating that she was not allowed to watch her neighbors kids for one hour before the school bus came without a childcare liscense. Again, speechless. I think the world has seriously gone mad.

Hope I was able to enlighten as to some things you might not have heard about! If I am totally behind (which is very likely!) and these stories are already old news, forgive me. Humor a poor girl who tries to avoid the news at all costs with the current overseas situation and sustain from any "wow, you are really retarded and your idea of "current" evens was only current about 6 months ago" comments! haha.

Enjoy the day and yay for the weekend!


Hope said...

I heard that about the mom in trouble this weekend! That is just crazy!

Katie said...

omg those are crazy!!

Tassie said...

i saw a commercial for an electronic cigarette that didn't have nicotine...it does let you blow smoke though...and the ticker at the bottom of the screen promised that it wasn't real smoke.


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