Oct 20, 2009

Lots to Share!

I can't believe it's been so long since I have posted! I have just been SUPER busy with things... well, mostly baby things. Anyway, so many updates! First of all, my mother-in-law had a diaper shower for me in Madison this past weekend and it was wonderful! Maggie Claire got some super cute things and I got lots of diapers and wipes! Here are a few pics...
Mom and I
Of course nana (Adam's mom) had to get some camo for MC! :)

Mom got me, hands down, the cutest diaper bag ever made. Wish the picture did it justice!

To see all the pics, you'll just have to become my friend on facebook! It just takes too long to upload these things! haha.

So second area of updates - my phone. With all of the baby things I have had going on lately, apprently I have lost my mind. Let me set the stage here...I was doing some serious nesting the other day going through all the baby shower gifts, dividing up clothing by sizes, etc. Anyway, I was taking off tags in order to wash everything, so I had a nice little trash pile going. Now, since Adam is gone, I keep my phone by me 24/7 in case he happens to call. Well, apparently I had it a little TOO close to me. I scooped up the "trash pile", put it in a box, and then dumped it all in the garbage can outside. Well, about 5 hours later I was turing in for the night and went to look for my phone so I could set my alarm. Hm, not in the living room. Weird, not in my bedroom. At this point I knew my mind hadnt been the best lately so I proceeded to check EVERY room in the house - even the bathroom. My phone was missing. Of course I tried calling it, but it went straight to my voicemail. Again, this was weird since I knew my phone was fully charged. Well I asked mom if she had seen it around and she said no. Then, she suggested several places to look (which I already had). Then she says to me "do you think it could've gotten in with the garbage?". I highly doubted it, but went and got the trash bag anyway. Low and behold, there was my phone - covered in coca cola and all sorts of other nasty trash things. Needless to say it didn't turn on.

Well, the next day I trotted down the to ATT store to get another phone. I have to say that this always makes me nervous. I am technologically retarded to put it mildly. Adam has an iphone and I steer clear of it. The thing makes me feel like a monkey. Anyway, I loved my razor phone. Yes, it was SUPER old and not "in" so much, but it worked like a champ and did exactly what a phone is supposed to do - call people. I walked in the store with the intent of snagging the first simple looking phone I could find, but Adam's voice kept running through my head. See, he has been begging me to get an iphone since he got his. He goes on and on about the convenience and what not, but I just wasn't convinced. A phone is meant to call people. I can't even figure out how to call people on those damn things. It would be a pointless little black box if I owned one. Anyway, I went to the desk and explained the situation and immediately the associate said "well, we do have our iphones on sale for $99". She did it. She said the magic word - sale. I am very rarely swayed, but if I see or hear the world sale I am all over it. I thought about Adam and had a total Bella Swan moment where I heard Adam in my head saying "honey, PLEASE get the iphone!! We can talk to each other anywhere if you get one! They are even on sale! PLEASE!!!" So I gave in. I am now the owner of a pointless little black box. Well, I take that back. I have learned how to make calls.... and download applications.

Which brings me to my next point... I might be starting to second guess my previous thoughts about this iphone. For instance, today at work the power went out. I know, right? I was sitting there for an hour and a half alone in the dark with no power (I am the only one who works on Tuesdays. I go in and answer the phone, confirm patients, etc.) ANYWAY, after about 30 mintues of staring at the wall I was like - oh wait, I have internet and stuff on this phone... maybe I can find something to do. Well, I did. I played with the phone and was quite entertained. Then, the best part - I had to go to the bathroom. Well, I know that may not seem like something grand, but bare with me, I have a point. So I went into the restroom which has no windows and of course it was pitch black. I was like "man, I could really use a flashlight right now" Then I remembered (this is where you see the little cartoon light bulb flash over my head) that I have an iphone which has all sorts of weird applications. There has to be a flashlight or something... yup. Go me is all I can say. I totally downloaded a flashlight application in the midst of a power outage in order to use the restroom. It was fantastic. I felt like I should receive a medal or something.

So besides the baby shower, getting the make-me-feel-stupid phone, and having a fun day at work in the dark, not much else is going on. Oh, well I do have some good news to report. Went to the doctor and only gained 2 pounds this time! YAY - no tears! haha. I am going every two weeks now so that is only a pound a week. Not horrible. I also mentioned to the doctor that I had been having a lot of pressure recently so he checked me out just to be sure everything was ok. He said the baby is low, but I haven't started to dialate or anything yet which is good news. Miss Maggie May has got to stay put until daddy gets home in November!

Hope I haven't bored you to tears with my random updates! Hope you all have a happy hump day tomorrow!!! I am off to get myself all psyched up for biggest loser in a few hours! haha.


Tassie said...

I miss you. Thanks for coming to see me and letting me "talk" to Maggie Claire. Congrats on the new phone...I, like you, still have a Razor.....I can't afford the iphone yet....anyway...hang in there.....love you!

Katie said...

yay! Your shower looked like a lot of fun, and congrats on the iPhone!

Becky said...

You are funny! I am glad you got the new phone! Hope you have fun with it!


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