Aug 9, 2009

Family Ties

I must say, it has been a super wonderful weekend. I'm off work on Friday's so I was finally able to meet up with my cousin Lylie and her two girls, Lauren and Emily. (I know I have mentioned Emily before when I got to watch her for a few days. Anyway, Em is 3 and Lauren is 6) So all of us girls went to Ruby Tuesday Friday and it was so much fun (to let you truly try to experience the fun I had, I have to mention that ever since I have been pregnant I have craved nothing but salads. Ruby Tuesday is known for their salad bar. Put two and two together. I tore into some salad bar like I was a little kid at the world's largest candy store. It was magical.)

Now, since I am not a parent yet, I am going to have to brag a little on my cousins. Everyone usually thinks their kids are like the smartest little people they know, but my cousins really are. It blows my mind. I'm not sure if I already told this story after I watched Emily so just excuse this next paragraph if I did... So mom and I went to lunch with Emily at Applebee's. She was looking at two large carousel horses they had hanging inbetween the railings of the bar area and the restaurant area. Her mind going through the typical three year old reasoning said, "Jessica, can you ride those horses?". I told her no and that they were just there to look at. She followed with "Oh, so they are very delicate?". WHAT? What three year old is familiar with the term delicate? Needless to say her vocabulary surprises me everytime we are together. Now, onto Lauren. So after lunch Friday we went back to Lylie's house for the girls to do a little swimming. While we were inside, Lauren asked, "Jessica, how does the baby grow in your belly?" Wow. I tried to explain in simplest terms that the baby gets the food and water I drink through a tube and that's what keeps her strong and growing. Now, being six, her beverage of choise is juice. Next question - "So, the baby can have things like juice?". I said, "Yes, the baby can have almost all of the things I would usually eat or drink." Looking rather pensive she went on with her next statement. (Now, please remember this child is only 6...) "Oh, I see. So that means you can't have things like wine and beer, because the baby would get that and she can't have things like that..." To some of you there may be nothing extraordinary about this, but I was very impressed with her reasoning capabilities. I mentioned it to Lylie when we got outside and she too had no idea where Lauren gets this stuff. She said "Ya know, I don't ever recall having a conversation with Lauren about how babies can't have wine and beer so I don't really know how she came to that conclusion." Their little logic at this age just fascinates me. Anyway, I am going to play the proud parent and gloat over the intellect and vocabulary of my two little sweeties ;)

Saturday I got to spend some more time with family at my aunt and uncles house on the lake. Mom and I were over there pretty much all day helping to set up tables and get food prepared. While my family is very "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"-ish, I can't tell you how much I enjoy it when we all get together. I think I've grown to appreciate it a lot more since I have gotten older. I mean, yeah, it was fun when I was young - there was always someone to play with when you've got twenty something cousins running around. But now, I realize how lucky I am to have so many family members that live close and actually enjoy getting together on a regular basis. Some people rarely ever see their extended family and I feel so blessed that we find the time to all meet up and eat I told you it was very "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". When we get together there is food for days) at least once or twice a month.

Today I went to church and mom and I are just about to leave to meet up with my two aunts to go pick up my cousin who is flying in from California. She likes coming out to visit so she's gonna come stay for a week with the different people in the family. We've got another family get together this Wednesday so it will be a good opportunity for everyone to get a chance to visit with her.

As you can see, nothing too exciting, but a good weekend. Ironically the priest today at mass was talking about how we all needed to take more time to thank God for the special people and events in our lives so a special shout out to him for my great family! Yay God!

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Your Anonymous Follower said...

It sounds like you have had a good run the last few days. I am so glad to hear that, since the earlier posts indicated that you were having a little difficulty...glad it was a transient thing :>) Little Miss MC is going to love her Mama and Daddy so much.


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