Aug 22, 2009

No Rest for the Weary

Well yesterday was another busy day off! It seems like these past few weeks I have had SO much to do. I started the morning with my monthly doctor's appointment (all is great by the way! Oh, and I did schedule a 4-D ultrasound for my next visit so I am super pumped about that!). Mom was off work and able to go with me so we left from the doctor's office to go run an errand for her. Then we had a nice lunch at Red Lobster (yum yum! One of the few places that doesn't have raw eggs in their cesar dressing so I was in hog heaven) and then off to Target to register! This process was much quicker than the registering ordeal at Babies-R-Us. I'm not sure about where you live, but here the Target just doesn't have a huge amount to choose from. I was able to scan what I wanted in about an hour (keep in mind that does include all the stops that are usually made when registering - pulling down strollers and "test driving" them, sidetracking to look at clothes, staring brainlessly at two items that appear to be exactly the same but aren't, etc.) We also picked up some things to mail out to Adam while we were there and then headed home to drop that off. Poor Abbey had been home alone all day so of course she had to come with us on our next two errands. Mom had to do something and then I had to go by the uniform place to order scrubs for work.

Now let me just say, at first I was totally excited about the idea of wearing scrubs to work everyday. Let's face it, they are like pajamas. Also, there isn't a huge selection of fashionable clothing for pregnant women, so I thought it would also save me from having to hurt my brain trying to figure out what to wear everyday. Well, after the scrub experience yesterday I think I have changed my mind... So I haven't tried on scrubs in a while since I have one pair I wear to work. Now that the office is ordering new ones, I had to try on the ones they wanted. Oh my gosh. I can't fit into anything. My belly is totally in the way now. I tried on the pants they were order, but after going up two sizes to accomodate the belly, I started to look like a kid playing dress up in my dad's clothes. Then, it was on to tops. I also went up two sizes and still won't have enough growing room for Mags. When I get to month 7 or 8 I'm just going to have to wear fitted t-shirts or something. Anyway, I won't bore you with anymore details, but I did finally figure out the pants situation and, as I mentioned, will just wear the tops as long as possible.

With all that said and done, it was a long day! I was happy to get home, watch What Not to Wear, talk to Adam, and go to bed! Its now 5:30 and I'm off to get ready for another day at work! Happy Saturday everyone!

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