Nov 29, 2009

Big Day!

Today is the day! (Well, I guess TECHINICALLY its tomorrow) We go to the hospital at midnight tonight. I can't believe we are about to meet Maggie Claire and become parents! Having Adam here has been the most amazing blessing! I am so thankful he will be there to experience all of this! Just wanted to update everyone - hopefully sometime tomorrow we will have a healthy baby girl!! When I get home and things settle down I will post pics!


Robin said...

I am so excited for you Jessica! I hope everything goes smoothly. I will continue to pray for Maggie Claire's safe delivery into the world. I am so glad you got to spend the last couple of days with Adam!

Katie said...

OMG! I am so excited for you two, by now hopefully you have the beautiful MC in your arms! I'll be thinking about all three of you! :)


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