May 28, 2012

"How ya feelin'?"

Its the inevitable question when people know you are somewhat pregnant - "how are you feeling?". Considering MC's uterus time was completely documented on my blog, of course I feel Bean should have the same experience of having his/her life completely exposed for complete strangers.

When asked the "how are you feeling question" 3 years and some months ago my response would be a little different than it is now. Then it consisted of something along the lines of "Well, my husband is in a war zone in another country, I am praying to throw up since I am nauseous all day every day, I have already switched doctor's 3 times and I am living with my parents.... take a guess how I'm feeling." Response now? Totally different. Oh. Wait. Husband in another country? Check. Living with parents? Check. Ok. I guess its only slightly different.

Symptoms are DEFINITELY different this time around though. Last time I was sooooo nauseous. Never got sick - only FELT sick. Not sure which is worse. I also "felt" pregnant. Not sure of the reason for this. I also had HORRIBLE cramping. The school I was working at even called the ambulance one day because it got so bad we all thought something was seriously wrong. Turned out everything was fine. Little did I know what intense pain was... ha.

This pregnancy I started with intense lower back pain. Never had that with MC. I'm also about to get real with this next one folks. Sore boobs. Bad. What makes it even better is the fact that my two year old has now become fascinated with them and insists on touching them in the most appropriate places - like church. Of course I promptly swatted her hand away and attempted to explain in my "mad whisper voice" that that was not ok. This only perpetuated her attempts to rub her hands all over them which was completely awesome. Perhaps she's taken notice of their increased size. Whatever the reason it better stop. Like, now.

Besides the occasional nausea after taking my vitamin and the boob issues, I would never believe I was pregnant. I feel.... well... fine. Odd. Happily odd.

The extreme differences in this pregnancy (so far) and the last makes me feel our little Bean is probably going to be a boy. That stresses me out. I would have no.friggin'. clue. what to do with a boy. Not to mention the fact that the child would also have to remain naked or be completely "gender confused" considering we are poor and the only baby clothes I own are pink and covered with flowers. That stresses me out too. I guess only time will tell.

Stay tuned!

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