May 30, 2012

Who Got The Pooch?

Yup - throwing it back oldschool. Anyone remember rocking out to "Who Got the Hooch?" back in the day? This girl does.

Only now there aint no hooch - this momma got the pooch. Yes, its that glorious time in a woman's pregnancy when the beer gut develops. Its too soon for a stranger to realize you're pregnant. You just look...well... fat.

I've heard you start showing sooner with the second, but I was thinking I still had a few more weeks before I officially looked fat. Oh no. I started showing with MC at about 10 weeks, but it seems as though with Bean the magical time period is 8 and a half weeks. Woke up this morning and couldn't button my shorts. Sigh.

I think I took it pretty well though. I just broke out the Belly Band and rolled with it. I said, "You know what? I'm gonna rock that gut". And that's just what I did. I also may or may not be singing the song in my head constantly and altering the lyrics to make them baby bump appropriate ;)

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