Jun 2, 2012

...And That's What You Get

What do you suppose happens when you blab about feeling great and not being sick during your pregnancy? Uh-huh. Karma rears her ugly head and slams you with the worst "all day sickness" ever. No relief. I am sitting here wearing my Seabands, eating saltine crackers, drinking Ginger-Ale, praying I feel better soon. This makes day 3 where I have wanted to curl into the fetal position and cry. No actual "sickness" for lack of a more stomach easy term, but intense nausea ALL.DAY.LONG.

Now I see why most people stop at 2 children; Because being sick with a toddler is probably worse than Chinese water torture or having your fingernails ripped out one by one. Bless my poor MC. I have probably created my own torture chamber in that she is totally used to having my undivided attention. I stay at home with her and have pretty much since the day she was born. I am a very hands on mommy and usually spend at least 3/4 of my day playing, drawing, chasing, cuddling, etc. with her. I'll put it out there - she's spoiled. Don't get me wrong, my kid watches TV. I probably couldn't survive if she didn't watch at least 2 shows a day. And, the past 3 days, its been a lot more. I'm not gonna lie. That is where my question comes in for you pro-mommies. WHAT DO YOU DO?????

My child is MAJOR high energy. MC can't sit still for more than 30 seconds. Bless her, she gets it from her daddy. Anyway, this doesn't exactly align with my plans for the day (which includes little more than laying on the couch wanting to cry). I am at a loss for what to do. I feel like death and my kid wants to play hide and seek and chase. I've tried "quiet" activities like blocks on the floor and reading books but this doesn't last very long. She has to be moving. In our house this wouldn't even be a HUGE problem, but my parents house is NOT childproof. There are breakable things EVERYWHERE, things for her to climb EVERYWHERE, I think you see my point. She has to be watched every second. The only thing that can keep her still and calm for longer than a few seconds is a movie or TV. I'm a horrible mother, aren't I? Please share your wisdom!!

All for now. I'm going to get more crackers :/


Anonymous said...

I don't know you but somehow stumbled upon your blog. :)I've had morning sickness with all four of mine. The only thing I could do was let them watch tv while I laid on couch. It is only temporary, but I remember feeling bad about it. Just do what you have to do to get through the worst of it! Hopefully it will be better soon!

Lori Taylor said...

Hey Jessica congrats on #2! I was sick pretty much the entire pregnancy with my son. With my second I was just nauseated ALL the time! My doctor gave me phenergan. I wouldn't take a whole pill at once -- it made me sleepy. I cut mine into 4ths. This seemed to help a lot since I was at school with 50 kids in and out of my classroom. I know many don't like taking any medicines during pregnancy .... that is why I cut mine, only used during the worst times, and quit using them in the last trimester. Actually all of the nausea was gone by that time anyway. Hope this helps and good luck!!


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