Jun 7, 2012

Random Thoughts

Hello all! Since I've been at my parent's house and obviously away from my usual sounding board (miss you sweet Adam!), I have so many random thoughts swirling around in my head. Release is needed so here is your warning if you are hoping for a cohesive, interesting, or otherwise entertaining post ;)

First of all (I'll cover the lighter topic first) - MC. I know I've bragged on how smart my child is (probably to the point of intense aggrivation and eye rolling for most of you), but she is. However, I've run into a problem. The kid is smart, but doesn't want to do things I know she can do. I think I am the mother of a complete rebel. Whatever she senses I want her to do, she insists on doing the opposite. Take the potty situation - I think she's fully capable of using the potty all the time. However, that lil' stinker knows I want her to so when I ask if she wants to try she says "NOOOOO!". Same thing has begun to occur with teaching her. She's able to count to 30, but when I try to count higher with her she screams "no mommy!! I don't want to count!" You're probably thinking "well, are you making it fun?" I'm a teacher in a society where if its not 100 different colors and sounds wiggling all over a screen in a black box its boring - Yes, I've learned to make it fun. Same thing with reading. I got her to read about 5 different words over the coure of the day a few days ago. I went crazy telling her how proud I was, how smart she was; I even danced and shouted cheers. I think I began my own demise. Now, when I ask her to read she simply says "no". Ahhh! So frustrating! I know she can, she just won't.

I know all of you are probably wanting to shout "RELAX!" right in my face. You probably think I'm being entirely too overbearing and pushy. I feel ya. I would probably say that to someone in my situation too. I suppose I just needed to voice my frustration with a child who irritates you for fun. I'm starting to gather that's just parenthood. And it never stops. I just thought I had some time before we began the rebellion stage. I had always heard "rebellious teenager", not "rebellious toddler". Guess she is advanced ;)

Secondly (and COMPLETELY unrelated to previous topic as I warned), I said I wasn't going to get involved in the church/state debate any longer. I am Catholic. I am conservative. I wanted to leave it at that. HOWEVER, the recent discussion surrounding several Catholic parishes in Washington has me perturbed to say the least. I will say only a few short things and then I can hopefully consider myself "vented" and move on. First of all, if you are called to be in a postition of leadership and influence within the church, it is your obligation to teach the faith accordingly. Also, if your personal beliefs don't align with the Catholic Church, perhaps Catholicism isn't for you. I will work until the day I die to teach our Catholic faith to my children. By God's grace I hope I can explain to them why we believe what we do. I pray they will be faithful servants when most of the world tells them that what I teach them is wrong. Obviously going against the grain of society isn't easy for anyone, but I feel the action taken by a few of these priests is only serving to make my job even more difficult. They have an influence over their parishioners and other Catholics around the world. When they go against the teachings of the church it's utterly confusing - especially for the younger generation who is still forming their personal views and moral compass. I also have to add that as Catholics, we DO NOT believe homosexuals are any less worthy of respect and dignity than anyone else, and we DO welcome them in the church.Ok. I'm done. :)

I hope you all have a great weekend. The parents, MC and I are off to spend the weekend in a cabin on the river with my brother and his girlfriend. Should be fun!! :)

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