Jun 20, 2012


Just a few of the things I love this morning...

1. That after the "arms in" part on Super Why this morning I was left with a little Nutella handprint on top of my hand.

2. That last night MC asked if she could say goodnight to Bean and this morning when she accidentally kicked me she raised my shirt to tell Bean she was sorry.

3. That after doing some research, I found Mags knows pretty much everything she needs to know to start kindergarden.

4. That although I put MC to sleep on the blow up bed in our room (we have slumber parties when daddy is gone), she got into our bed looking for me and fell asleep there.

5. That MC cries hysterically when she can't find me during hide and seek.

6. That my husband is now on a plane coming home.

7. That as long as she gets to drive the car cart with the steering wheel my kid is perfectly content in the grocery store for any number of hours

8. That MC greets me each morning with "I slept good mommy!" and a big hug.

9. That after 6 weeks in China and offering to make any meal under the sun, Adam says when he gets home he wants a hamburger.

10. That when I ask Mags what she wants for breakfast she says broccoli, carrots, or cucumbers (or obviously the occasional Nutella waffle hehe)

11. That MC has learned the concept of manners and proudly tells me "Mommy, I used nice manners! That makes mommy happy!" when she says something politely.

Life is good and I am blessed :)

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