Jun 13, 2012


Let me tell you what's totally awesome...

1. You find your child asleep in your glasses. Yup. Great parenting at work here. I immediately FREAKED out about her poor little eyes, not knowing how long she had been wearing them. Then, like any good parent, I laughed hysterically and tried to take a picture. (Unfortunately my phone was full and by the time I was able to delete enough pictures to take a new one, mine and my mom's laughing had woken her up. This was greatly depressing as it was probably one of the most hilarious things I have EVER seen)

2. Your child asks (for the 4th day in a row) for broccoli or some other vegetable for breakfast. Did I give it to her? You bet I friggin' did. I'm about to throw up thinking about broccoli, carrots, cucumbers and ranch for breakfast, but if it makes her happy...

3. The fact that my legs never get shaved. Let me explain. Showers are usually taken when its just MC and I at home. I freak out thinking about her wandering the house while I am showering. I get in and out as QUICKLY as possible. Shaving is a luxury. When I do attempt to shave, something horrible happens. Like the other day: I start shaving and immediately hear screaming and "mommy! help!!!" I hopped out of the shower covered in shaving cream and dripping wet to find my daughter stuck waist deep between the mattress and footboard of the bed. I wanted to get a picture SO badly to prove that this craziness really happens on a regular basis, however since I was soaking wet, I opted for a recreation later that day.

4. That I just threw away our third sippy cup. Someone insists on hiding them in various places around the house and when I find them I just have to ask the simple question "Did I accidentally put cottage cheese in her cup? Um, that would be a no..." and in the trash it goes.

5. My anniversary is tomorrow. This would be awesome if the hubs was in the same country as me. This makes year 2 he has been on the other side of the world for our anniversary. Since we have been married 4 years, the guy is now averaging a 50% attendance for anniversaries. Not cool. I'm praying this improves and we can get up to at least 75%.

6. I am leaving at 4:00 today to drive 8.5 hours back to Charlotte. With a 2 year old. That puts us home at approximately 1:00am. This is going to be fun.

So that's pretty much what keeps my life awesome. What about you?

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