May 25, 2009

All work, no play

I must begin by telling you about my weekend. Well, Saturday to be exact. Before i even start, please feel free to join me in contacting your congressman after you read this....and, just a warning, this will probably be a long one.

So I was supposed to go visit Adam at Camp Shelby on Sunday and spend the night. Well, he called about 5 times begging me to come Saturday instead. He said that they had the whole day free. Of course I wanted to see him, but this was the day that Adam's dad, my uncle, cousin, and mom were coming to get the rest of the stuff out of the apartment in Starkville. Being the sweet people they are, they said to go on ahead and see Adam and they would take care of the apartment. So Friday night after a movie with Ruth I went home and attempted to organize a few things so they would know what goes where. I got in the bed about 1 and woke up at 6:30 to get ready to drive to Hattiesburg. I was already stressed and super tired, but I got on the road about 9. This is where the drama begins.

If I haven't already mentioned it, I am slightly emotional right now. I called Adam to find out where to go and he said he didn't know what to tell me. I burst into tears. He thought I would've looked for directions online before I went... um, no, that didn't happen in my packing frenzie. So I type it into the GPS while I am on the phone with him. He is getting directions from someone at camp and I am trying to tell him what my GPS is telling me all why bawling my eyes out and trying to drive. It was a mess. I pulled over to get gas and he finally managed to calm me down. I started on my way and, I swear, not 10 minutes later I am singing along to my ipod perfectly fine. What the crap???

Anyway, so it rains the WHOLE way to Hattiesburg which is never fun. After the 3 hour 15 minute drive, I get to camp and I am so super excited to see Adam. I am sooo hungry at this point and feeling way nauseous. I pull up and here comes my boo boo carrying his gun walking up to the car (yeah, they have to carry their weapon everywhere... I didn't think to ask if this includes the bathroom. That would be interesting. If I were them I would so stick it under the stall next to me and make a loud noise. haha) So I'm here in the car with our lunches and can't wait to go sit and spend some time with him. He tells me that there isn't anywhere inside we can go. WHAT?? I just drove over three hours to see you and I can't even go in anywhere? He went on to explain that there are a few buildings I can go into but that they arent available right now. I guess occupied or something. So I was totally bummed, but figured we could just sit in the car and eat until something opened up. He then tells me he isnt allowed in the car!!!! Holy crap! Do they think I am going to kidnap him or something? I mean, the thought had crossed my mind, but really... that is slightly ridiculous. So I said "um what are we gonna do?" He looks over his shoulder to the covered open concrete pad that had two drink machines in it. Are you serious? He looked so upset and said he would go find us some chairs. This is where I start to get sooo pissed. Not at Adam- at the army. These men and women are giving up EVERYTHING to protect us and they can't even provide them with a place to go when family comes to visit???? Adam and I sat in our little hut in the pouring rain and ate our lunch. Then, he said there was a lake close by that had some covered pavillions. He said since he couldn't get in my car that he would go get a humvee so he wouldn't have to walk the mile or so there in the rain. He comes back a minute later and said they wouldn't let him get one... UGH!!!! He talked to someone on the phone and later got one (I slept in the car while he was gone for about 30 minutes checking one out). We finally get to the pavillion and the wind is blowing so hard you can't even sit under there without getting wet and freezing cold. He told me to go sit in the car and he would just stand outside and talk to me. As I sat in the driver seat and looked out the window at my husband standing in the rain I became furious. This is not fair. I watched as Adam cried and told me how sorry he was that I drove all the way down there for this. I became BEYOND furious. Then, I saw a family park at the pavillion and walk up. The dad was dressed in his gear, but without his jacket. Then I saw his little girl, maybe 3, waddling up covered in her daddy's jacket. Then his wife and son, maybe 5 followed. I semi-watched as they huddled under the pavillion, wife and husband hugging each other, kids trying their best to stay entertained in an empty and wet covering. I cried. I mean, yes, I am pregnant, but this would make even the toughest person lose it. There's no telling how far this family came to see their dad and now here they are, stuck in the rain with nowhere to go.

There has to be something that can be done. I mean, all they need is a BUILDING! There are thousands of stupid concrete buildings at this camp, what is one more? Why not something similar to a hotel for families that come visit. Then (since the guys can't leave base) they could stay the night with their families and enjoy them? Families shouldn't have to spend what could be, lets face it, their last time with their loved ones standing in the rain.

So after we both had a good cry, Adam gets a phone call. He got called in for some training that would last about 2 hours. I asked him what I should do and he said I could get a hotel. Well, previously he told me that he got us a room on base that we could both stay in so I didn't want to get a hotel for just a few hours. I told him I would just lay down in the back seat and wait. He was gone about 30 minutes and came back to tell me that they just scheduled some training that would last from 6 to 10:30. We talked and decided I should just drive back to Starkville. So, 3 hours after arriving I was on the road back to Starkville. I pulled up a few hours later and finished helping everyone move the apartment stuff. We left Starkville about 9 and then drove 3 hours back to Florence. Let's just say, it wasn't the best weekend.

Yesterday and today was spent rearranging and unpacking. I moved into my parents house so they could help out with the baby while Adam is gone. Its going to be super tough, but in the end it will be worth it to have family around to help me deal with missing Adam and being a first time mom. I am exhausted, but I think we finally got it all done. Mom and I have to drive to Starkville this weekend to take some more stuff to our storage unit, but after that I will be settled. Well, for a year at least... then, we get to do it ALL OVER AGAIN! Oh yipee...

Sorry this post was way emotional and dreary, maybe things will get better and I can have some happy writing! Oh, I do have my doctor visit on Wednesday so I'm sure I'll have some great things to write about! Happy Memorial Day to everyone and a special thanks to those selfless people who do so much for our country!!!

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