Jun 15, 2009

Good Day

Well today has been very productive. I've been trying to keep myself busy and it appears to be working. I woke up this morning and made a great breakfast. Sorry to side track, but I just HAVE to share this. Toast two pieces of cinnamon swirl bread in the toaster. Then, mix cream cheese and honey together in a small bowl (Not quite equal parts. You want a little more cream cheese than honey. The honey will make the cream cheese less dense and thick so just add honey until it is spreadable, but not runny). Spread that on the cinnamon toast and top it with chopped strawberries. Its to die for! So after my lovely breakfast, I looked for some jobs online with Times Daily. They use Monster so i had to fill out info, upload my resume, etc. I applied for a few so we'll see what happens. Then, it was off to run a few errands.. I will spare you the details.

After errands I had lunch with my aunt Lisa which was very nice. She and I are one in the same. I'm not sure if genetic code can be shared by aunt and neice, but we have a lot in common. Pirmarily, we both have that very sarcastic sense of humor than can drive people insane. I just love it. I'm so glad she works in Florence so we can see each other more now. See how she looks totally uninterested in me? SOOO just an act. haha.

After that I had to mail some things to Adam's parents so they could give them to him Friday when they go through Hattiesburg. I never knew they had "Daddy to be" Father's Day cards, but they do. I was super pumped.

I suppose tonight will be spent watching Jon and Kate plus 8. I would say I would do another walk with mom, but the one yesterday has me a little scared. Let me begin by saying my mother is a machine. She could totally run circles around a marathon runner I think. And its not just her walking/running endurance. She works like she never gets tired. It's completely insane. She is old! I don't know how she has so much energy! She could go go go all day and never stop. Energizer bunny - thats what comes to mind. Anyway, I should've

known that asking her to take a walk with Abby and I would be a mistake, but I thought MAYBE she will keep it slow and quick since its kinda late and she has things to do. OH NO! She walked me so far around the neighborhood I thought I was gonna die! Not to mention the last half mile my bladder was about to burst! Just a word of advice, walking up and down hills is not smart when you are pregnant and have to go to the bathroom. I mean, my dog Abby was dragging ME on the leash (side note: Abby is the most unathletic dog ever. She is so prissy that often when you take her on walks she just stops in the middle of the road and makes you carry her the rest of the way.) Mom thought the fact that Abby was doing better than I was was quite amusing; me, not so much.
I'm not sure what the episode for Jon and Kate is tonight... I missed last week of course since I was with Adam. I have to say, this whole thing distrubs me. I know I am way late on the whole "voice your mind about the Jon and Kate scandal", but its just sad. I mean I am one of those people who always sees both sides of an argument. (I suppose that is typically a trait of indecisive people) I feel for both of them. I mean Kate is always so snappy and mean to Jon, but at the same time, he is being extremely irresponsible and selfish. I dunno. I just pray they work something out for the kids. All this publicity and rumors have to be having an effect on all the kids - especially Mattie and Cara. I mean you know the parents of the kids they go to school with have to talk at home. How horrible to come to school and have a kid be like "Hey Mattie, do you know what adulter means? Oh, my mom said it about your dad so I was wondering what it meant." And for them to have to see all those tabloids when they go to the store... so sad. I'm praying for them.

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Katie said...

I feel the same way about Jon and Kate, it is so sad, and I totally see both sides of the story!

p.s. your breakfast sounds DELISH!


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