Jun 6, 2009

Big Bro Big City

So, yes I had a GREAT weekend with the bro in Nashville! Just got home today (after driving WAAAY too long! I got stuck in traffic due to a wreck and moved 1 mile in 1 hour). Besides dealing with the joys of the highway, I had an awesome time. Let me give you the play by play (beware of lenth)...
Arrived at Jeff's office around 4 on Thursday. It was so fun. I got to be paraded around like a new little poodle and met his co-workers and see where he spends his day (I would put his 9-5, but he is on, as he calls it, a "flex" schedule. He doesn't have set hours per say. I totally hate him.) So we took the tour of Gibson and then headed back to his place. We decided since we had both had a long day we would do movie night. We went out to get the movies and stopped at Loveless Cafe to get dinner. OH MY GOSH. This place was incredible. Apparently the chef or someone there has been a guest on food network challange or cookoff or something. Jeff was telling me the whole deal but I guess I was too absorbed in the biscuits to pay close attention to detail. Anyway, after our full stomachs we got our movies and went home. First we watched Flirting with Disaster, an old Ben Stiler flick (He goes on a search to reunite with his real parents; we thought it would be fun to watch given our situation) Then we had to throw in the 80's flick Weird Science. Always a classic.

Friday we woke up somewhat early and hit Jeff's usual starbucks for some breakfast and coffee (him, not me. Arg to the no caffine rule!) Then I believe our first stop was a store he designed the graphics for. Did the logo, signage, etc. Here is a pic. It's an adorable little boutique right outside Nashville. Then, off to a hair salon to meet one of his friends who cuts hair there. She and her client she was right in the middle of were totally enthralled with our story. haha. Um after that we went Cumberland Gallery so I could see where he shows his work. Totally fun by the way. I was a very proud little sis. THEN we went to... um... some other cute city and met one of his friends who runs this boutique H.Audrey. It is soooooo cute!!!! It is owned by Hank Williams Jr's daughter. There was nothing in there for less than $200 in case you were wondering. I take that back, I think there was some soap for less than that... While we were in there the wife and kid of "Big Kenny" (from Big and Rich) came in. It was totally normal for everyone there, while Jessica from the big city of Starkvegas, is desperately trying to control the urge to ask for an autograph from the 5 year old cause he is the kid of someone famous. He was probably too interested in the cute maltese there to make time for autographs anyway...

After recovering from vast sticker shock, we went to lunch at another awesome place called Firefly. Had a nice lunch and then we were off to meet one of Jeff's friends from school. Then he rode with us to see Jeff's new apartment. This place was so awesome. It's an old factory and they turned it into penthouse units. He's got amazing 30 foot ceilings and and adorable little loft area up a spiral staircase. Here's a pic of the living room view. After heading home and taking a nice nap, we got dressed and went to ANOTHER fabulous restaurant.

This morning I woke up and made muffins for us and then had to head back home. Had a super fun drive (as I already mentioned) and then helped mom make dinner.

Mom and I later watched He's Just Not That Into You and I ended up crying thinking about how lucky I got with Adam. Yes, I know ladies, bask in the jealousy! ;) I swear, this movie totally makes me appreciate the fact that I am married and don't have to deal with the crazy dating scene anymore. I mean really - it's all just a bunch of mind games. Those who can play the best win. I feel so bad for friends who are still swimming in all the dating muck. You deserve a medal for real. I might write congress. If you make it through the dating world and come out even somewhat normal you should win a little award. At least a little coupon book or something. Anyway, be patient. Mr. Right is out there. And TRUST ME, he is probably the last guy you would EVER expect. As most of you know, I didn't really want a whole lot to do with Adam at first. Just wanted to be friends. I knew he had feelings for me, and I liked it. I totally abused it to be honest. Then, when he cut me off - WHAM! Reality hit that I couldn't be without him. As the old line goes, "he was everything I never knew I always wanted". Just some advice for all those searching females -don't count out that cute guy that wont leave you alone. Mr.Not-My-Type might become Mr.Right when he turns out to be Mr. So-My-Type for another girl. If that makes any sense... haha. Well, I'm off to make trip 100 to the restroom. If it's already this bad, I'm just going to have to make a camp in there when I reach 7 or 8 months. I'm feeling very talkative so possibly a new post tomorrow! Night Night!


Katie said...

I came across your blog and it is so cute! I love all of the pictures and your layout!

I've been wanting to see He's just not that into you, and after reading your post I guess I need to get on that!

Becky said...

You are too cute!! I am glad you had a great time in Nashville!! Congrats on being able to see Adam today!! I know you are super excited!


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