Jun 28, 2009

It's the end of the world as we know it

Alright people, I am freaking out a little (I'm sure you thinking, "um Jess, there isn't really anything new about that") But seriously, I think the end of the world is coming. Its all falling apart. First out hearts (and remotes) were ripped in two with the Jon and Kate announcement... then, poor Farrah and Michael... and now, the icing on the cake, BILLY MAYS!!! What the crap is going on in the world??!! I am convinced its the end of the world or something. Tradgedy has befallen us once again. How can the world go on without the shouting infomercials?? I know my TV days will never be the same. Let's all pay tribute for a moment...

And that my friends is the magic of oxi clean.

In other news, mom, dad, and I went to eat hibachi this afternoon. I am so stuffed its ridiculous. Hibachi used to be hands down my most favorite eating out experience. However, once I moved from the big city of Florence (total sarcasm) it really lost its magic. It was a big event to eat hibachi when I was younger. We had to drive an hour to Huntsville in order to eat it. Now, it seems like you can get it just about anywhere and the appeal is somewhat gone. Don't get me wrong, the food is still to die for. I mean, the ginger dressing, mushroom soup, fried rice with just the right hint of soy and terriaki? It doesn't get much better.... but the experience just isn't the same. So sad when the magic Japanese men of your youth turn into young American guys just flinging around some spatchulas. I mean our guy today didn't even speak. For the love of pete, at least make me an onion volcano or flick some shrimp tails in my glass. Once again, I feel as though the world has just lost a little of its spark lately.

Talked to Adam this morning as well... maybe thats why I am so down. We got in a ridiculous argument for which I should be awarded "super bitch of the year". He was telling me how some of the girls in Kuwait with him have been cheating on their husbands with some of the other guys. Well, when a wife hears something like this the first thought is "you better not be thinking about anything like that!". This might be ok to think, but my advice is don't share that with your husband. I said something and Adam got totally offended. I didn't mean anything by it so I tried to explain and just dug my hole even deeper. I said "well honey, you are going to be away from me for so long and I know how you are.." Again, not smart. I meant that I know what is on a 25 year old guy's brain most of the time. There is no need to type it. We all know it. Now, place that 25 year old guys brain in a situation where there is no wife/girlfriend. You get the idea. Not that I don't trust Adam. He has got to be the most faithful and loving man I have ever met. I think I just needed that little "honey, you know I love you and would never even dream of doing that." but instead I got the little "how can you even think that??!! Do you think I am the devil or something? I can't believe you don't trust me!" I felt horrible. Here he is stuck in this awful hell hole and I am questioning him about being faithful. I know, I suck. I cried on the phone with him and that upset him even more. We only had 1 minute left when I started crying and I know it killed him to get off the phone with me when he know I was upset. Thankfully we were able to talk later and appologize to each other. I have got to make a more conscious effort to just hold in my thoughts and not put any more stress on him. Poor guy is already going through enough.

Well, with that I am going to walk away, super bitch award in hand, and call it a day. Its only about 2:30, but I could use some bum time. Maybe a depressing lifetime movie will be on where the woman is meaner than me... that would make me happier. Day three of work tomorrow, but it will only be me there so maybe it won't be too bad. Fill you in tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Honey, don't be so hard on yourself--both of you are under a great deal of stress, what with him half a world away and you on this new grand adventure without your life partner at home...there are bound to be cross words some times. I can tell that you're not a superbitch just from reading your blog. Chin up, child.

Katie said...

I agree, don't worry, and I would have done/said the same thing, it's only instinct for that to cross your mind.

AND what the heck is going on with all of these celebrities dying?? They should all put helmets on or something.

Tassie said...

Wow...talk about hormones! It's really hard to have that filter on when talking to your sweetie....I'm glad you got to talk to him! I was a little concerned too that all these people keep dying. If you add to that the fact that my high school choir director who was AWESOME died a couple of days ago, you can only imagine how bad I feel. It makes me feel like any moment I could die. (I love you, BTW, in case that happens.)

LT (and Max) said...

aww, jessica! you're not a super bitch! :) bless your heart.

still praying for you, friend! oh, and for the record, starkville has a new habachi grill and i LOVE IT!


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