Jun 16, 2009

Paranoid or Cautious?

Yet another productive day! I took my resume to an employment agency today. Its one of those temp places so maybe some secretarial work will come up that I might be able to get into. I also dropped one by Sylvan Learning Center (she said they were hiring, but that they would keep it on file) to possibly do some tutoring. After that I went out to our friends Chris and Jessica's new house. (You know I am the sidetrack queen so it shouldn't come as a shock that I have to ask a random question. This has always been confusing for me grammatically... when you say "our friends Chris and Jessica's new house" should Chris and Jessica both be possessive? I mean adding an apostrophe "s" to each name or should it only be adding to the last name in the series?) Anyway, they have a great new place! They live right by Chris's dad and stepmom so they get to hang out at their pool and what not. Clark (their son who is 21 months) also really likes it I think. He has a ton of places to run around and play.

After Jessica's, I made a quick stop to Target to look for some maternity shorts/pants. I know, can you believe its to that point already? My old stuff just doesn't fit anymore so I bit the bullet and went looking. I am so upset with the selection. Target had like two rows of maternity stuff and only the dresses were cute. I don't know why people think that when you get pregnant you suddently want to wear tappered cotton cropped pants. I already look fat enough, I don't need to look 70 years old too. Anyway, I settled for one pair of semi-decent blue jean shorts so I can have something to just wear around the house and in the yard or whatever. Of course I had to look at shoes as well. If I have failed to mention this before, I have a small shoe fettish. Well, actually, a BIG shoe fettish. Especially now. Now matter how big your belly or the rest of your body gets, your shoe size never changes! I found some cute ones, but with this extra weight (that will only get worse) I am looking a lot more at comfort. I NEVER thought I would say that, but after teaching and being on my feet all day I have begun to be more open to shoes that aren't quite as cute as I would like, but are comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I still buy the tremendously cute, however tremendously uncomfortable ones too... I haven't completely lost my mind.

Now for my blog title....Tonight I went to a benefit concert with mom and 3 of my aunts. Muscle Shoals used to be a big music scene and apparently some guy named Hollis Dixon was a big deal here. Well, he has Parkinson's disease and in order to help raise money for him, several of the guys that used to play with him put on a benefit concert. Turns out my uncle Brent used to play in a band and they played with him a few times so he was asked to perform. It was the first time I have EVER seen him do anything like that it was GREAT. I had no idea he could sing so well!! While the show was great, I couldn't relax! Let me explain... When I agreed to go to the show, I wasn't expecting anything big. I mean, it was held at a high school auditorium and all the guys who were playing were kinda old and stuff. I didn't think anything about it. Old guys jamming out like that used to "in the olden days" didn't scare me too much. Well, when we got there and they started playing, it was SOOOOOO LOUD!!! I suddenly started panicking about the baby - "Oh my gosh! I could be deafening my baby right now!" I immediately leaned over to my mom and asked her if she thought this was bad for the baby. She looked at me very confused and said "could what be bad?" Geez mom... "the music!" Its so loud!" She just laughed and said that they baby was probably liking it. Well, of course that didn't make me feel any better. I then started worrying about the vibrations from the music. What if I was deafening AND shaking my baby to death? I was really freaking out at this point so I picked up my phone, went to the bathroom, and immediately started texting everyone I could think of asking if loud music was bad for the baby. I texted Adam, Tassie, Jessica, Laura, my cousin Lylie... everyone. I got one back from Jessica saying the baby probably couldn't hear yet, but the vibrations might not be good. Then Laura said it was fine, but I still wasn't sure so I called my dad and had him google it. A doctor said they aren't really sure what it does to the baby. Lylie also said it was ok, so I just went back in and tried to enjoy myself. The concert was supposed to last from 6-10, which was fine, but needless to say I was slightly releived when it ended around 8:30. Maybe I didn't do any permanent damage. He will either come out with slight hearing loss or loving 60's and 70's music. Is it crazy that I worry about this stuff? I mean, I just know if anything is wrong with the baby I will think it's because of something I did. I couldn't live with that guilt. Since 5 out of 6 people laughed at my worry, maybe everything will be ok.

Ok, so now I have ANOTHER crazy story. While we were leaving the school, I looked over and saw my old pageant director! I know you people don't give two flips about this, but I haven't seen this woman in YEARS! I did pageants in high school and I started doing a lot with the American Coed system (which Deana was the director of for Alabama). Anyway, after winning Miss Alabama, I traveled a lot with Deana and eventually ended up working as her administrative assisstant and did a lot of judging and emceeing for the pageant. Those were seriuosly some of the best years of my life. I was so incredibly happy. I loved what I did. I loved the traveling, I loved working with the girls, and sadly enough, I really loved being on stage. It was the perfect job. Well, after high school I had to quit since I was moving three hours away to go to State. Deana and I kinda lost touch and last I heard she had moved back to California. Well, like I said, as I walked out of the building tonight, there she was! It was totally surreal. She looked fabulous (as always) and it made me remember all the fun times we had had. One time at Nationals, myself and some of the other girls Alabama girls had a few hair fly-aways. Deana looked everywhere for hairspray, but couldn't find any. She did however find a glue stick. She rubbed some on her fingers and smacked it right in our hair. It was kinda a running joke after that that you have to put glue in your hair for good luck (we all ended up placing that day). It was so great to see her and catch up for a while. Ya know, God really does work in amazing ways. After Adam leaves, it seems as though he has brought so many wondeful people into my life to fill the void. I mean first it was the baby, then Jeff, now Deana and a few other people I haven't seen in a while that I've gotten to catch up with. He really is amazing and I feel better each day knowing he is going to give me strength and take care of me while Adam is away!!!

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Katie said...

that's so sad that Target didn't have any cute clothes! what a let down :(

but shoes and purses will always fit :)


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