Jun 30, 2009

Maybe Baby?

So yesterday when I was driving home from work I had a weird sensation in my stomach... well, not really my stomach. It was a lot lower. I can't really explain how it felt. Almost like a tapping/twitching/popcorn popping kinda thing. I put my had on my stomach but it stopped. Then today watching TV I felt the same thing. And again later today... is it Baby Martin? I don't really know. I mean, I have had my stomach do some weird things before. I wish I knew for sure if it was him! Well, for excitement's sake, we are going to say it is. haha. I told Adam I thought I felt him and he sounded excited, but then sad. He said he wished he was here. I hate he can't experience all this with me.

Today was very uneventful for the part. I was off work today so I didn't do ANYTHING and enjoyed every minute of it. Abby had to get her yearly shots so I took her to the vet this afternoon. Poor baby, she was terrified. When I took her to our usual vet, I remember that Bud and Jennifer (an old friend from high school and his new wife) were working there now. Bud was off work today but Jennifer got to work on Abby. When I came in the waiting room and saw their liscenses on the wall I had a huge "oh my gosh" moment. It's just like we're all old now! I mean, I don't feel old enough to be married and having a baby, and it doesn't seem like any of my friends are old enough to have REAL jobs where they are responsible for the life and death of animals. Have any of you had one of those moments?? Like, you just aren't old enough to have the life you do? I feel like I am still in high school most of the time. I suppose it doesn't help that I am living in the town I grew up in and I'm living with my parents... but even before that I had times where I would see something on facebook about a friend and think "wow, we are not old enough for this."

Well speaking of high school I have to share that I recently got back in touch with an old friend. I hadn't talked to this guy in over a year. In high school and the beginning of college were were inseperable. I hung out with him all the time and thought of him and Bud as my two absolute best friends. Well, things happen and you get busy and lose touch. Well we were both on facebook last night and started talking and plan to meet up soon. (I mean seriously, what did people do before facebook???? It has to be the greatest invention of our time. Any place where you can find a long lost brother, see pictures of childhood friends all grown up, and tell people whatever is on your mind is the work of a genius.)

Well, off to eat dinner and then to bed. Work day number 4 tomorrow!


Katie said...

Facebook is so fun! It's such a good way of keeping in touch with people. and I love Abby's outfit!

Becky said...

That is so exciting that you (maybe) felt the baby move!! I am anxious to hear if you keep feeling it!

Facebook has been good to you these past few months! It is good to hear it is being put to good use! :)

Good luck at work, hope all is well!


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