Jul 1, 2009

Prescription: Insanity

Well, it was day 4 of work. Went pretty well today. No nervous breakdowns in the car, no huge mistakes... all in all a good day. I am SLOWLY catching on to a lot of the computer stuff although that insurance still gets me. I wish I could rid the world of it. (Please don't think I am all for this universal health care deal. I just wish everything was free and you didn't have to worry about insurance. In my world you wouldn't have to pay for any kind of medical service. I don't know where the money would come from to pay everyone - that's not part of the dream.)

Alright, so I did have an absolutely HILARIOUS story to tell about work. I just typed everything all out and then thought that maybe I shouldn't be telling stories about patients. No, I didn't mention any names, but still... Lets just say I work for a dentist and he can call in prescriptions for pain medication. Think for a moment about where I might be going this. Yes, quite sad, but several people call the office "in a lot of pain" A LOT. Add to that the most redneck reasons for missing three appointments in the same day and you have the jist of my humorous tale. Granted, it would be roll on the floor funny if I could actually tell you what happened.

I'm telling you, after the kinda stuff we get at the office and watching a lot of "Intervention" lately, I am dumb founded. Its insane to think that someone could be so addicted to something. This kid on Intervention was whoring himself around to buy DXM (the stuff thats in cough syrup). I didn't even know guys could whore. I mean, yea, I saw Deuce Bigalow, but this kid was just walking the streets with a bookbag whoring himself to other guys. How do you start a conversation like that? "Hey man, how's it going? Crazy weather today, huh? So I am a man whore by the way. Interested?" Insanity.

Well, after that lovely subject, let's move on to my baby! hahaha. What a happy change of pace! Felt little Martin move a few times this evening. Not as active as he was yesterday. I tried listening to some fun music on the way home from work hoping he might get excited, but he didn't really do anything until I started doing the blog. Maybe he likes the typing. haha.

I got a text message from Adam tonight too. Poor baby. He said he had a horrible day and he is totally fed up with the people he is there with. I hate it so badly. I just keep praying for him and hope things will get better. Speaking of praying, did I mention that our priest from Starkville is on facebook? I know, kinda odd, but it's totally Father John. He is hands down the most amazing priest I have ever come across. He has a way with younger people that is unrivaled. Granted, he is younger himself, but you still have to have something special to be in that sort of field and still relate to the younger generation. He honestly makes going to mass fun and enjoyable. Anyway, I thought it was totally him to be on facebook. He wrote on Adam's wall that he was thinking about him and praying for him and hoped we were doing well. I figure its a super bonus if we've got someone extra close to the big guy praying for us. Well, while on the subject, I want to say thank you so much again to any of you who might also be keeping us in your prayers. I couldn't make it without them. Let's pray that with Obama turning security back over the Iraqi people and making plans to have troops out by 2011, that things will slow down and Adam will do nothing but be completely bored over there! Off to bed, work day tomorrow!

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