Jul 16, 2009

I'm too sexy for my onesie

Here's the 18 week belly!
I still can't believe that Friday will be 19 weeks!!! I am almost halfway there (although it feels like I just started this nine month journey). I'm sure I've said it a million times, but I just can't wait for next week when we find out the sex. Since my little gender prediction test results were shared, almost everyone has been buying Baby Martin boy things. My aunt Lisa did buy a lot of "gender neutral" stuff though. The baby will be wearing a lot of yellow at first! I thought I'd share some of the adorable things baby has gotten from various people (because we all know baby clothes make us smile!)
This is one of the surprises Kristen had waiting on me when I got to Birmingham this weekend (If only it were true!)

And this....

And this.

I know, so cute right? Here are a few things my Aunt Lisa has gotten baby...

Yes, this is a sweatsuit with camoflauge letters that says "Reporting for Doody". She thought it was apppropriate since Adam was in the Army. Adorable!

Since baby Martin will be celebrating Christmas with us this year, he/she has to have the right accessories!

Love it

So true, so true

Baby will be SO ADORABLE getting out of the bath and into this!

Matching onesie, hate, bootie socks, and bib. On the onesie it says "Mommy loves me". So right!

Baby has gotten much, much more, but those are a few highlights! Its 10:30, so I think I might need to be getting out of my pajamas and actually do something productive today! Happy Thursday everyone!


Becky said...

What cute stuff! He/she is gonna be a cool baby (with a hot mom)!!! I can't wait til you find out what it is!!!

The Sweet Life said...

I love baby stuff and I especially love the pregnant belly!


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