Jul 10, 2009


So I enjoyed reading Becky's 30 random things, I decided to steal the idea and share my own...we'll see how many it ends up being! Here are some random things you might now know about me!

1. I have a HUGE family. My mom is one of 10 and they are all married. They all have kids. Most of their kids are married and have kids. Let me do some quick math and see if I can give you and exact number....ok I have 17 aunts and uncles, 29 cousins, and 16 second cousins. Now, this is just immediate family (aka - the people that all get together for holidays, birthdays, etc.) I could not even begin to count extended family.

2. I LOVE the smell of new tennis balls. I know, totally weird.

3. I hate my feet. When I was in high school a friend of mine told me my toes looked like little smokies (the sausages). They are so short and fat. I wish i could invent toe extensions.

4. I wear pearl earrings A LOT. I just feel like they go with everything. If I am wearing a t-shirt and shorts, you can bet I'll have on my pearl earrings.

5. My most favorite food in the entire world is maccaroni and cheese. To be a bit more broad, I guess I could say pasta in general. I could eat it at every single meal and never grow tired of it.

6. I have a tatoo. I got it right after my grandmother died. It's a really small native american symbol for a hummingbird. She adored hummingbirds and that side of the family is native american, so I thought it was appropriate (my mom, not so much. I didn't tell her and when she saw it months later when I bent over she didn't talk to me for 2 days).

7. I have no idea what I want my career to be. I know, right? Four and a half years of college and now I'm clueless.

8. Scary movies are my favorite. We run into a problem though because Adam HATES them. I always have to rent them when I know he'll be gone. On another note, I have still yet to see one that scared me as badly as the Exorcist.

9. I hate the color purple. Sorry, Tassie. (Its Tassie's most favorite) You will never see me wearing the color purple.

10. I adore polka dots.

11. My favorite flowers are lilies.

12. If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Australia. Not sure the fascination...

13. I used to work a Texaco Xpress Lube. Friends of my parents owned it and let me work there as a secretary while I was in high school. And, yes, I caught major flack about it.

14. I, like Becky, LOVE singing in the car. I probably look like a complete idiot to most of the people who pass by, but I so don't care. I totally belt it out.

15. I am very sarcastic. I get it from my aunt Lisa ;)

16. When I was younger I had such a thick country accent I don't know how people understood me. I watch tapes of myself and roll on the floor in laughter.

17. While I am a girly girl, I love being outside. Adam and I really enjoy kayaking, camping, rock climbing, and hiking. We actually got each other kayaks as wedding gifts.

18. Its has to be really cold when I sleep. I absolutely can't fall asleep when it's even the slightest bit warm.

19. I know nothing about gardening or flowers. Its a good thing Adam is in landscape architecture or our yard would consist of nothing but rocks and dirt.

20. I adore wine. It's been a while since I have had any (needless to say), but under normal circumstances I enjoy it a lot.

21. I am deathly afraid of heights. I mean, even bleachers make me really nervous. Hm, maybe its actually a fear of falling. Is there a difference? I'll have to check into it to make sure I have my disorder correct.

22. I love speaking in front of people. I have done speeches and emceed events with all different size crowds and I adore it.

23. I think about writing a book all the time. I actually started one during my first year of teaching... It was called "I got hit by a bus - the true story of a first year teacher". See, I really did get hit by a bus. My car I mean. Entire bumper ended up in the middle of the parking lot. I thought it was a fun title both metaphorically and literally.

24. I'm left handed.

25. I have a shoe obsession. I mean, its really bad. My mom told me that from the time I could walk and talk, if we went to the mall, I would always run to the shoe store and beg for a new pair of shoes. I'm still the same way today - except now I have to beg Adam.... or go without him knowing ;)

26. I worry nonstop. (I think I might have mentioned this before.) I worry about anything and everything.

27. I've always wanted to go to a psychic. Not that I believe in all that stuff, I just think it would be fun to see what they had to say.

28. If I wasn't so broke and wasn't such a wuss, I would get a nose job. I am not a fan of my nose at all.

29. Pre-pregnancy I was addicted to red bull. (Yes, I know its horrible for you) It was the only carbonated thing I would drink (don't like soda at all). Maybe going 9 months without it will help me kick the habbit.

30. I have a hard time paying full price for things. Usually if its not on sale, I don't buy it. I am a HUGE bargain hunter (I get it from my mom). The only exception to this is shoes.

31. If I could meet one person it would be Bono. I am a HUGE U2 fan. The meeting probably wouldn't last very long though because I am so in awe of him I would probably pass out as soon as he even entered the room.

32. When I was growing up I wanted to be an actress. I would memorize commercials after watching them once or twice and go around the house reciting them for my parents....poor guys.

33. I think the 80's was the best decade ever for movies and music. You can't argue with the fact that "safety dance" and "come on eileen" make you smile.

34. My two favorite colors are pink and green.

35. Besides rude people, my biggest pet peeve is incorrect grammar.

Well, there are a few things you might not have known (and probably a few things you felt better off not knowing). Hope you enjoyed the read! More to come about my weekend visiting Kristen and the in-laws in Jackson!


Katie said...

I don't like purple either! And I still don't know "what I want to be when i grow up" and I graduated a year ago haha

The Sweet Life said...

I am a huge fan of mac and cheese and polka dots. I also am not a big fan of purple!!

Becky said...

What a great idea!! ;) We have a lot more common than I originally thought! I always wear my pearls, my favorite flowers are lilies, I have 2 tattoos that I didn't show my parents for months (one 2 years) and they were SO mad! HAHA I NEVER pay full price for anything either. And I can't wait for baby Martin to be here so we can enjoy some wine!! :)

Jessica said...

Well, you are doing better than I am Katie! I have been out for 2 and 1/2 years now! haha


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