Jun 18, 2009

"Well she better hurry up!"

I have to start by saying I am completely exhausted! (Will go on to explain later; First, I have to give you the background info) So my mom is a hygienist and talks A LOT! Maybe its because her patients cant talk back.... anyhow, she makes a lot of friends through her job. Well years ago she met this elderly woman named Hilda who didn't have any family here. Mom started going to her house, helping her out, and taking her to various doctors appointments. She kind of adopted her and we just think of her as part of the family now. Well, let me just tell you about Hilda. She came here from Germany and has a VERY thick accent (its really one of the coolest things ever. I could just sit and listen to her talk). She is slightly round and has very large fluffy blonde hair.(Well, it alternates between blonde, medim blonde, and brown.) Its very cute. Hilda also tells you exactly what she is thinking. She doesn't sugar coat anything. While she is elderly, she is still VERY sharp. She remembers everything and has some of the most amazing stories about when she was growing up in Germany. (She actually met Hitler one time when she and some other factory workers were invited to his home for dinner.) Anyway, in addition to all her great stories, she is just a funny lady to be around. She tends to think she rules the world. She doesn't like to wait or anything of that nature and makes a large to do if something is not done correctly (either concerning her or any of her friends/family. She wanted to contact the news station when I told her someone was rude to me on the phone.)

Well, my mom had to work today so I had to take Hilda to Birmingham for her appointment. I went to get her and when I got there she said we had to wait a moment to leave because the lady was on her way to her house with her lunch (apparently she is part of some program where they bring food to her). Well, the lady said she would be there by 11:30. I sat down at 11:27. Hilda is getting worried at this point. She started fussing about how the lady wasn't there. I said "well she's still got a few minutes Hilda". She said "No, Jessica, it is now 11:29 and she is not here. If she doesn't come, we just get up and leave anyway." The lady ended up coming at 11:31. So then we were on our way to Birmingham for her doctor's appointment. We got there a little early, but she had to fill out paperwork. When she finished it was 2:50ish and her appointment was at 3. At 2:57 she wanted to go to the desk and ask them what the hold up was. I said "Hilda they should call you back any minute." Then, at 3:00 she said "ok, I'm going up there to see what's goin' on. This is crazy." I couldn't help but laugh. Right as she was walking they called her name to come back. Well, when she came out of the appointment she was laughing and told me that her other doctor had called this new doctor and told him "now you better get Hilda back when you say you will. She doesn't like to wait and I promise you don't want to deal with her when she starts that fussing!". I thought our "waiting" ordeals might be finished but then I remembered she and mom always have to go to Crackle Barrell when they get out of the doctor's office. I called my friend Kristen to see if she wanted to join us since she lives in Birmingham now. Well I told Hilda she was coming, but I swear, two seconds after we sat down at the table and the waitress came to ask if we were ready she shouts "yes! We're ready! I'll have the..." I hadn't even opened my menu yet. I scanned quickly and decided on the chicken and dumplings (very tasty by the way). I felt bad for Kristen who would have to watch us eat while her food was being prepared, but I just had to laugh again. So Hilda. After Kristen got there and we ate, Hilda was ready to leave. Uh -oh. Our waitress hadn't been by in a while. She was getting frustrated and was looking all around asking if this waitress and that waitress was ours. I said I would try to go find her, but then a woman walked by and Hilda stopped her. Uh-oh again. She said "excuse me, would you kindly tell that woman over there that we are ready to leave and would like our check." She said sure and went and told our waitress. While Hilda was talking to Kristen our waitress came by and said she would be right back with the ticket. Hilda saw her coming and got out her card but didn't hear what she said. When she left Hilda looked at me and goes "Jessica! Where is she goin'? I said "she said she would be right back." Hilda then proceeded to say "Well she better hurry up or I just get up and leave!" It was quite amusing. They waitress came back and appologized for the wait. "Hilda just looked at her and said "well that's alright, we just have a long drive ahead of us and we need to get goin ya know." The waitress asked where we were going and I had to laugh again when Hilda said Florence. Its 2 hours away.I suppose all of this would be much more humorous if you knew Hilda and could hear the accent. I guess I just felt inclined to share the story with someone haha.

Well besides my Birmingham trip nothing too exciting happening. I am taking care of my PRECIOUS little cousin Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I am so excited to have something to do and she is at that age where she is an absolute hoot.

Oh, I also have a prospective job! I don't want to say anything just yet, but I'll discuss further if it pans out. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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Katie said...

My grandma is just like Hilda! Sharp as a tack, and stubborn, with that great German Accent!


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