Jun 27, 2009

Stress and Ravioli

Well today was day two of the new job. Today was not too great I must say. I got completely stressed out. I kept trying to be positive and tell myself that there is no way to know everything and that no one expects me to know everything, but it didn't work. I just got all upset because I felt stupid. THEN I got upset because of other stuff I am going to be working on there. This dentist is trying to build up his client base and audit his patient records to create recall lists and fill up the hygiene books. Well, my mom has been a hygienist for a long time and has some ideas of how to help him do that. So in addition to Mrs. J trying to teach me all the day to day stuff (which is still somewhat confusing - especially all the insurance stuff. I believe I have already expressed my dislike for the whole insurance entity in an earlier post) my mother is also trying to explain to me how to work on the patient records. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Its like a billion things being thrown at me at once by too many people. After we got off ,I got in the car and cried. It also didn't help that I had two missed calls from Adam while I was at work. I constantly worry about missing his calls thinking he is going to be upset or that it might be the only chance he gets to call that day. Then I cried more. Mom, the voice of reason, just kept telling me to chill out and everything would fall into place. I know she's trying to help, but its just hard when you feel like no one understands.

After work I got to come home and take a nap with a lovely lifetime movie in the background. I just love lifetime. They always have some movie showing which never fails to make you feel better about your own life. I mean, no matter how bad things get, at least you aren't an abused wife with a child who recently got kidnapped and is now being trafficed in South America while your secret lover was killed in a car accident going to visit your dying sister. Anyway, this one was pretty funny from the few segments I caught. A woman went to Hawaii to fulfill the last request of her now deceased surrogate mother only to find out her real mother was not actually dead as she had thought. All the while she finds love in her surrogate mother's nephew who happens to be about 20 years her junior. Think "the graduate goes Hawaiian". I couldn't help but laugh. Of course mom sat there and watched the whole thing, completely intrigued. It doesn't take much for her though. One glimmer of romance and she is sold. Nevermind the EXTREMELY bad acting and jumpy plot line. Its got kissing - its a keeper.

After that my parents and I went out to dinner. We ended up at Ricatoni's. LOVE IT! For all of you who like Old Venice, this place is even better! If you ever come to Florence, you must visit. So I had my usual ravioli and enjoyed every second of it. I was hoping the baby would enjoy it and do a little happy dance, but nothing. Oh well.

Then, we were off to Target to get a few things and of course ended up in the baby department. I just LOVE looking at all that stuff. Its so crazy to think we will have a little one here in a few months. Mom and I looked at cribs at this super cute baby store the other day and found some really great ones. I'm going to use a simple bassennet while living with my parents, but when Adam comes back in December I'm going to let him look at the cribs I like and help me pick one for us to order in May/June when we move back to Starkville. Here's a pic of two of my favorites.
(I would order the second picture in a darker wood tone. Not digging the lighter color)

I had every intention of posting yesterday, but I was kinda down. I didn't have to work, so I kinda bummed around the house and got a little depressed I guess. I slept with one of Adam's old shirts last night for some comfort, but I probably sniffed all of the "Adam smell" out of it. I put it by my face and just kept taking in deep breaths. It did make me feel a little closer to him for a while... he'd laugh if he heard me talk about that. I can just hear him now "Wait, you smelled it? I have a smell? Well, is it bad? Well if it's not bad, what is it?" He's so cute. Its funny how you can almost read a person's thoughts or reactions after you spend so long with them. I mean, not that Adam and I have been together forever or anything, but I still have a pretty good idea of what he would say or do in certain situations. I laugh a lot when mom and I look at baby clothes. I always picture Adam rolling his eyes as we "awwwww!" and "sooo cute!" everything we see. He would also die if he could see some of the boy clothes I pick up. I'll grab an adorable little set blue gingham overalls with a turtle on it and think ,ok, if Adam were here he would be saying "don't you dare put our boy in that! Its completely gay! Jessica! Seriuosly! Put that down!" Well, he's not here so at least I will get to put him/her in cutesy for a few months!

I feel like this was a very uneventful and boring post. Oh well, here's to the boring life!

******So I am totally mad at blogger right now. I wrote a short little blog yesterday and clicked the insert picture button and it totally froze my computer (yet another reason I didn't post anything yesterday). I did the same thing for this post and it froze it again. I have tried it like 5 times. Each time I have to go the task manager and end the task for my computer to even do anything. What is going on??? I hate that I can't put in pictures. I had some great ones of the Tempted movie, the gingham overalls, the cribs... ugh. Well, just visualize on your own! *******


Katie said...

Lifetime is def. really good at making your own situation seem so much better. They also put the movies back to back with no commercials so I can't help but to get sucked in for at least 2 of them.

I worked at Pottery Barn Kids for a long time, and they have beautiful cribs if you need anymore to look at :) Have you decided where you are going to register yet? Have a great rest of the weekend!

Becky said...

You are so funny! :) If you end up having a little boy, you can only put him in cutesy stuff for so long, so enjoy every minute of it while you can! :)

As for work and everything else, don't stress! It was only day 2 at work. It will get better, you will learn it and it will become second nature! Hang in there!

Keeping you in my prayers!

Katie said...

the little overalls are so cute!! And the cribs are gorgeous!


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