Nov 4, 2010

30 day blog challenge - Day 11

Day 11: Favorite TV shows

1. Grey's Anatomy: I'm sure there's no argument with anyone on this one. Its fabulous.
2. Biggest Loser: Love it. It's so inspiring - however not QUITE inspiring enough to make me put down the bag of cool ranch Doritos I usually scarff down while watching it. 3. Project Runway: Hate the season is over :( On a side note, I think since it's Heidi's show, she should get the final say in who wins. Mondo got shafted for the crazed 70's bohemian skeleton? Not right.
4. America's next top model: Don't judge - I don't like the WHOLE show. If I cute mute Tyra Banks but hear everyone else that would be a bonus. I really just like watching the actual photo shoot and seeing the girl's finished photos. Oh, and staring at Nigel.
5. House Hunters: I am so the person they have in the commercial that sits there and argues with her husband saying "no, no! House number 3!" Obsessed with this show. Especially the international episodes.
Those are really the top ones. Of course I enjoy reruns like Everybody Loves Raymond, America's Funniest Home Videos (yes, the commentary is about as cornball as can be, but lets face it - some of those videos can have you rolling on the floor in laughter), and Reba. Since no one comments on my blogs and I feel unloved (not helping #9 here people) I will copy Laura T and ask YOU a question in hopes of getting maybe just one comment :/ hehe. What is YOUR favorite TV show??


myowltree said...

Whatever! I comment on your posts. Shows that are AWESOME and you need to start watching: How I Met Your Mother on CBS i think(kind of like Friends, but younger. five 20-somethings living in new york and looking for love. Barney Stinson(doogey) is HILARIOUS), White Collar on USA(Matt Bomer in the show, has got to be the hottest man on the face of the planet. but it's a funny crime show(white collar crimes and not forensics), Two and a Half Men is a HILARIOUS show about two brother's living together but dislike each other, and I would say Psych(really funny "psychic detective" comedy show. the guys are so goofy/dorky they remind me of adam so u may like it.) but it comes on after your bedtime. :)

zero hour design said...

The Walking Dead. Tell me Adam is making you watch it with him.


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