Nov 29, 2010


One year gone.... hopefully many more to come! My sweet little angel will be one on the 30th so we went ahead and celebrated at our family Thanksgiving get together. All went wonderfully and MC seemed to have a great time! Although - she didn't want anything to do with eating her cake! She stuck her hands in the icing a little but that was it! She got so many wonderful gifts (we looked like the beverly hillbillies driving back to Starkville!) and loved being able to see everyone! :)

The Birthday Girl! (In her oh-so-sweet Thanksgiving dress made by my dear friend, Jessica)
"Hi mommy! Did ya know its my birthday??!!"
My beautiful family :)
Told you she wasn't too thrilled with the cake...
Yep, thats her spitting it out
But she did have fun playing in the icing ;)
We also had our photo session with Tabitha and, as usual, the pics turned out great! Here are a few of my favs! Happy Monday!

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