Sep 14, 2009

Getting Closer!

Well, here we are at 27 weeks (although as I have mentioned I am probably a week ahead of that and really 28). Anyway, the belly is growing fast and I am getting more and more uncomfortable! I know its only gonna get bigger so I am kind of dreading the next 10-12 weeks! However, it is so wonderful to know that we are in the home stretch now and soon we will have Margaret Claire Elizabeth Martin in our arms!!! (However, as I did post on my facebook status, she better stay put until after November 20th because I have GOT to see New Moon!!! haha)
Oh, Maggie Claire has also been pretty active today, so my mind has been put at ease! Guess she really did just have a lazy day yesterday!

I will be posting my usual "bare belly" photos soon. Mom had to drive to Huntsville after work again today to check on dad, so she hasn't really been here to take them. Dad update: Apparently they are going to try to fix whatever the problem is with a series of shots. They really don't want to do surgery, but, if the shots don't work thats the next step. Keeping my fingers crossed everything works out with the shots! Should know more about the official diagnosis once mom gets to Huntsville and talks to the doctors... I'll keep you posted!


Katie said...

you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!

Becky said...

So cute! Hope all is well with your dad!!

Anonymous said...

You are DEF all belly! You are still gorgeous! Miss your sweet face everyday! :) Love-HEGS


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