Sep 16, 2009

Even More to Love on Tuesdays!

So my usual Tuesday entertainment consists of watching the reality show More to Love... it wasn't SUPER great, but it was something to watch. Anyway, last night was the finale and during the commercial I was flipping through the channels and the season premier of Biggest Loser was on!!!! Oh. My. Gosh. I love love love this show. I have watched every season and I am slightly obsessed (I am still upset I didn't know it was time for the new season to start.) Anyway, since I had watched every episode of More to Love, I had to see how it panned out so I ended up doing the commercial flipping thing. Ya know, where when a commercial comes on one channel you flip over to the other channel. It was stressful. haha. No, really though, it was hard because these two shows didn't do a good job of lining up their commercial breaks how I had wanted. I'd watch Luke take Malissa on a date to a nice dinner, then flip over to Biggest Loser and see them working out, then flip back to Luke and get confused thinking "wait, why are they eating, they need to be working out!" Both shows involve very fluffy people so it was difficult to stay on track with the correct plot.

Soooo, about Biggest Loser... if you do not watch this show you must try it out at least once. I really think you will be hooked. Its totally inspirational (and depressing at the same time). I mean, these are very large people (actually this season they have the biggest person they have ever had. Shay weighed in at 460-something pounds) and to see what they can do makes me feel pretty weak. It does motivate me to get out there and actually exercise though; which is great since Mr. exercise and I are barely acquainted.

Well, as most of you know, you don't grow that much fluff by just liking to eat. There are usually some pretty serious underlying issues motivating the over eating (yeah, I'm a Dr. Phil fan too....). Well this one contestant will really touch your heart. Poor rock hard Gillian even cried. Contestant Abby lost her husband and two young children in head on car crash. Wow. I don't even know if I could go on after something like that. Anyway, as you can imagine the crisis lead to over eating and now here she is on the show. I'm rooting for her. Well, all the contestans really. Check out all of their video profiles here

Anyway, I strongly advise you to tune in on Tuesdays! Get the tissue ready though because its usually emotional at some point! Happy Wednesday!


Becky said...

I LOVED biggest loser, even though this is the first time I have really watched the show! Her story was so touching and she is such a strong positive person!! I was hooked!

Anonymous said...

This is my 1st season to watch Biggest Loser and I am amazed by this women who has lost her world. I am cheering for her too!


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