Sep 7, 2009

Car Rides and Cankles

So this weekend included a LOT of driving... result - cankles! I suppose sitting in the car so long messed with my circulation and I ended up with totally swollen ankles and fingers! I felt like a little stuffed sausage! Oh the joys of pregnancy!

Let me start the weekend recap by saying that Adam and I are probably the luckiest people in the world. We have truly been blessed through people we know. One of his professors and his wife recently decided to get rid of their baby things and apparently thought of us. He called me to see if I would be interested in it and of course I told him yes. I went on to ask what kinds of prices he wanted for various things and he said they absolutely would not take any money. Are you kidding me?? I ended up talking to his wife a moment later and she too said that they wouldn't take any money. The only catch is to give it to someone else who needs it when we finish. I know, right? Amazing, heaven-sent people. So Saturday mom and I drove to Starkville to pick up everything. This was probably the worst day out of the entire year we could've gone down there... it was GAME DAY! On top of that, Adam's professor and his wife live ON CAMPUS! Put two and two together... madness. Anyway, we finally got there and ended up with some wonderful things for Maggie Claire! Adam's mom had also driven up from Madison to meet us so we all got to have a nice lunch together! Wonderful day!

Yesterday mom and dad and I made another road trip - only this time it was to Nashville to visit Jeff. Any new comers to the blog might not have read my previous posts, so quick recap - Jeff is my long lost half brother that I recently met for the first time. (If you are interested in the whole Oprah story, you can go back to May and read "Days of Our Lives") Anyway, we met up with him and had lunch at a WONDERFUL place close to his new apt. If you are ever in Nashville you must try out Monells! Its so unique and the food is totally amazing.

After lunch dad was dying to go to the bass pro shop, so Jeff and I got to tag along as mom and dad tried on various ridiculous looking mesh hat things trying to get ready for hunting season. (I know, it still shocks me that mom has now decided to take part in this outdoorsy endeavor...) After that outing we headed back to Jeff's place and said goodbye and then started the drive back home. As soon as we got back, the sausage feet were immediately propped up as mom and I enjoyed cheesy rotel and Legally Blonde (My usual Sunday night programming, Drop Dead Diva, was a rerun. I must say I am still confused about that one. Could the season be over after only a few shows?)

So I must share about my newest purchase... as I have mentioned numerous times I'm sure, I haven't slept in weeks. I wake up every 45 minutes or so and can't go back to sleep. I am a stomach/back sleeper and since both of those are a no-no now, I truly can't get comfortable to save my life. I have recently taken to building a small nest of pillows around me in hopes of actually catching some Z's, but that has also worked to no avail. Well, I finally decided something must be done. However expensive and whatever kind of sham Boppy was running with these "maternity body pillows" I was now buying. I was desperate. I reluctantly spent over $50 for a crazy looking contraption of a pillow that showed a beautiful, peacefully sleeping pregnant woman on the packaging. (Damn those advertisers... they really know what they are doing. You could probably sell me a lead pillow at this point if it showed a happy pregnant woman on the front). So I got home with the mindset that I had totally waisted my money on a stupid pillow thing that would be no different from a regular body pillow at Wal-Mart. Well, I was WAAAAY wrong!! That thing is like a little slice of heaven! I know I haven't actually had a full nights sleep with it yet since I just bought it today, but I tried it out for a few minutes when I got home it was magical. I could actually see myself being comfortable for a few minutes. We'll see how it goes tonight! Keeping my fingers crossed to see more than 45 minutes pass on the clock before looking at it again!


Tassie said...

Hey girl! Sorry I missed you...I actually went to the first...I know, miracle, right? Please post more belly pictures soon!

Ann Onymus said...

Hope you rest well and have sweet dreams of dear Adam and MC tonight! There's nothing as restorative as a good night's sleep.

LT (and Max) said...

that's awesome about all of that baby stuff! you sure are going to save a lot of money!!! :)

The Sweet Life said...

Good luck with the new pillow. I hope it works.

Katie said...

I hope you get a good night of sleep!! And congrats on getting all of the wonderful things for maggie Claire!


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