Feb 7, 2010


If you have a baby you know about the boppy. I have to take a moment to share the joy that is the Boppy pillow. I mean, honestly, how many other items are there that serve so many purposes?! I used it when I nursed MC for the first few weeks, I lay her back on it after she eats to help with her acid reflux, my photographer used it to help positon her for pics, and now the newest use? TUMMY TIME! I really appreciate all the suggestions you guys left after I expressed the frustration I was having with tummy time. I tried propping MC up on the boppy today and she lasted a whole lot longer than her usual 1 minute. She seemed to enjoy it for at least 5-10 minutes before she started crying this time. I will definately keep trying it with the Boppy!

I had to include this last picture because it truly captures MC. She LOVES spitting. It is quite hilarious. I spend most of my day listening to "pttt ptttt" (excuse my lack of ability to properly spell the sound she makes when she spits. It sounds like little poots to be honest, but I'll be darned if I know how to spell that sound.) Anyway, I'm not sure if you can see the bubbles on here but she usually makes them when she does it too ;) She makes a cute little kissy face and just blows spit bubbles all day long. Maybe she'll get out of that habbit soon, but until then, I will just enjoy laughing at it.


Cherry Berry said...

I love the boppy! You will get a lot of use out of it for a while! I still use it and my girl is (almost) 10 months old. She can't sit up straight and eat her bottle by herself yet, but I lay her on the boppy while she feeds herself.
Glad it is working for MC and hope it continues to work for her! Cute pictures!

Katie said...

aww I'm glad the boppy was a life saver! MC needs her tummy time :)

LT (and Max) said...

absolutely adorable. and...is it just me or does MC look much like her daddy??? :)


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