Feb 24, 2010

Bad News, Good News

Bad news - Adam may be home later than we had originally thought. Good news - he made it back from his mission safely and he WILL be home eventually.

Bad news - MC woke up at 2 am coughing and later in the day developed a fever. Good news - its just a little cold (This one has double good news) - we got quite a show as we waited at the doctor's office. Sorry, I have to share this story.

So while I am in the waiting room with MC waiting on her RSV test results, I hear small footsteps running past our door and a little boy screaming "get me outta here!!!" I then hear big footsteps running past the door. I couldn't help but chuckle. Now, I hate it when kids have to get shots as much as the next mom, but this kid was HILARIOUS. He could've won an emmy right there. Let me describe the conversations to the best of my ability...
Boy - (after running screaming down the hall) MOM!!! Get them away from me!!!!
Mom- Ok, were're done! You don't have to get the shot!
Boy - You're lying!!!!! (Now crying and screaming) I'm not going in there!
Nurses - honey you need the shot, its going to make you feel better!
Boy - (screaming and crying HYSTERICALLY) I don't want the stupid shot!!!!!! I am not getting that stupid shot!!!!!
Nurse - Honey come in here you have to get the shot to feel better
Boy - You are not giving me that shot!!! I don't want the stupid shot!!!!!!!!Get away from me!!! I am going to hurt you!!!!!
Nurse - um, no you're not mister (quietly to the other nurse - "We need some people to hold him down)
Boy - (Now completely hyperventilating) Wait, wait!!!! I am trying to say something! Let me say something first!!!! Let me say something!!!!
Let me add that during this whole show the boy, mom, and staff have gone from room to hallway at least a hundred times as said named boy runs...
Boy - (still shrilly screaming) Mom!!! Tell them I need to say something!!!!!
Nurse - what
Boy - Just....let...me....calm...down...first (the dots being deep breaths taken in between the sobs)
The other nurses must've come in at this point because the boy then screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Just let me calm down first!!!!!!!!!" He then proceeds to run down the hall yet again.
Mom- Get back here!!
Boy - NOOOOO I hate them!!! Tell them I hate them!!! I am getting outta here!!!!
The doctor then walks by and he tells her he hates her.

I really hated to laugh at this kid, but it was one of the funniest series of events I have ever heard. In my years of student teaching and actually teaching, I have never heard a kid quite so hysterical and dramatic. I pray MC never does this to me...

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Cherry Berry said...

LOL! I would probably have been rolling laughing! Kids are so funny! I also pray that mine never do that to me!
Good to hear your hubby had a safe mission. Hope MC feels better soon!


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